15-year-old teenager was arrested accused of damaging buses and erecting barricades in Maipú | National

Metropolitan region Friday 25 September 2020 | 09:01 15-year-old adolescent was arrested accused of damaging buses and erecting barricades in Maipú by Felipe Delgado The information is from Christian Borcoski Carabineros detained a 15 year old teenager accused of erecting barricades and throwing blunt objects at Transantiago vehicles in Maipú. The situation occurred around 9:30 … Read more

On TikTok, “Benadryl Challenge” kills 15-year-old

THE ESSENTIAL Young people try to get dizzy and “feel high” by consuming Benadryl, the equivalent of Actifed sold in France. A 15-year-old girl died of an overdose of Benadryl. 15-year-old girl died after participating on social media TikTok in “Benadryl Challenge”, an absurd challenge which consists in ingesting a large quantity of drugs sold … Read more

15-year-old boy seriously injured after stabbing at party location | Inland

The violent incident took place outside the Sultan Palace exhibition and conference center in Rijsbergen (North Brabant). “An argument arose between two groups and it continued outside. There the boy was stabbed several times ”, says a police spokesman. “We are still in shock of what happened here, suddenly at the door,” said an employee … Read more

Porn star Ron Jeremy ‘also touched 15-year-old girl’ | Show

US police have filed 20 new charges against former porn star Ron Jeremy. Among other things, he is accused of various rapes. He would also have lewd a 15-year-old girl, write several American media on Monday. The most recent sexual abuse is said to have been committed on January 1 of this year. Jeremy, one … Read more

He didn’t give him a cigarette, so he beat him. Only a 15-year-old boy is in the hospital

An ambulance hurried to the Jadran reservoir near Osek nad Bečvou in the Přerov region on Sunday afternoon. Someone attacked a 15-year-old boy there because of cigarettes. Rescuers also called police officers upon arrival. “On the spot, the patrol found out that an unknown perpetrator probably punched the boy in the face and threw him … Read more

15-year-old falls from a moving mobile home – seriously injured

A mobile home with four people was traveling in heavy traffic on Brünigstrasse from Giswil OW uphill towards Lungern OW. In a strong left turn, a door at the rear right opened while driving and a 15-year-old fell onto the street, the canton police in Obwalden reported. She sustained serious injuries. A doctor who happened … Read more

Dutch presenter under attack after he 15-year-old prince …

Dutch TV presenter Sander Schimmelpenninck is under heavy fire after he called Princess Alexia “the tastiest” of the three daughters of the Dutch King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima in a talk show. Schimmelpenninck made that statement in the Zelfspodcast, a talk show that he makes together with his childhood friend and singer Jaap Reesema. In … Read more

Sexual violence in Portuense, a 15-year-old pawn and tries to rape her terror in the entrance hall of the building

She was followed by a man inside the building where she lives here, the maniac attacked her attempting sexual violence. A nightmare afternoon for a 15 year old victim of abuse in the Portuense district. The ogre, a 28-year-old Somali, blocked by state police officers and arrested, has already been tried and sentenced to 4 … Read more

Bubonic plague in Mongolia, 15-year-old teenager dies

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – 15 year old teenager in Mongolia reportedly died of an outbreak bubonic or PES. The Ministry of Health on Tuesday (7/14) said the victim was one of a handful of cases that have recently appeared in the country and also in China. The teenage boy lives in the remote province of … Read more