A new feature in “WhatsApp” on “Android” .. Coming soon | technology | Saraya News Agency

Saraya – The WhatsApp instant communication application is developing a special feature that allows the ability to listen to voice messages while leaving the conversation. According to the “WABetaInfo” website, which specializes in “WhatsApp” news, when you start listening to an audio message, and return to your chat list, “WhatsApp” appears a new user interface … Read more

Expand Network, J&T Express Expansion to United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia

KOMPAS.com – J&T Express global-scale shipping service company officially carries out expansion to the Middle East region, namely the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Saudi Arabia, Friday (7/1/2022). The two countries added to the list of J&T Express networks. Besides Indonesia, the delivery service has reached a number of other countries, such as Vietnam, Malaysia, … Read more

Astronomers find strange exoplanets, what do they look like? page all

KOMPAS.com – If usually planet round shaped like a ball, not with exoplanet a new giant that tends to be more like a rugby ball. Launch CNN, Wednesday (12/1/2022) the planet named WASP-103b it is one of the very hot planets, and is about 1,225 light years from Earth in the constellation Hercules. According to … Read more

Khabarni: Shams Al-Kuwaiti sends a valuable gift to Abu Jarkel

The famous Saudi social networking sites, Abu Jarkal Khabarni – The famous Saudi social networking site known as Abu Jarkel received a gift from the Kuwaiti artist Shams. Shams sent a gift from a messenger to Abu Jarkel, who presented him with the gift and photographed the apostasy of Abu Jarkel. The video documenter who … Read more

Khabarni: An Omani artist publishes romantic clips with (her ex-husband)

Khabarni – Omani artist Zara Al Balushi published a romantic video that she collected with her last husband, in which he appeared kneeling in front of her to offer her a ring and put it on her finger, and she exclaimed with joy. Al-Balushi said in her comment on the video: “Three months after our … Read more

News website: Marwa Rateb describes herself as the new mutant

Khabarni – Marwa Rateb mocked her weight gain with the advent of winter and lower temperatures, saying that this atmosphere makes her eat greedily, which causes a noticeable weight gain.Marwa Ratib described herself as the new convert, and although her speech was sarcastic, the Syrian fashionista residing in the UAE was subjected to a high … Read more

Video – Salah’s answer to his position on alcohol ignites communication sites

In the context of a lengthy dialogue with MBC Egypt, in which he talked about his career and life, the Egyptian star Mohamed Salah, the Liverpool striker, received a question from his media host, Amr Adib, the answer to which led to widespread controversy on social networking sites. Adeeb asked his guest about his position … Read more

Video – Why did the public ignite the city at five in the morning?

After the Dutch government imposed restrictions on movement in the country due to the high number of people infected with the Corona virus, including preventing amateur and lower levels clubs from training between five in the evening and five in the morning, the Quick Boys team, active in the third division, held an early morning … Read more

Digital registry at the start, free certificates from home: how it works – The guide

We tested the functionality of the new portal prepared by the Ministry of Technological Innovation. A few simple steps but you need the Cie, the Cns or the Spid <!– CONTINUA A LEGGERE » –> Federico Cella / CorriereTv After the test with president Mattarella, from Monday 15 November the platform developed by the Ministry … Read more

Video – The famous anchor shows off her football skills in the studio

Barbara Coelho, the famous Brazilian program presenter, shared, with her followers on Instagram, a video clip filmed in the studio, showing off her football skills with a co-worker, taking advantage of an advertising break, and accompanied it with the phrase, “I miss that day when I almost broke the studio.”She also published another video showing … Read more