Turkey sends mercenaries to Haftanin and tries to provoke discord and sectarian strife – ANHA | HAWARNEWS

After Libya and Azerbaijan, in an attempt to provoke sectarian conflict and sedition, information came to the fore about Turkish plans to send Syrian mercenaries to Haftanin in southern Kurdistan (Başûr). According to a report published by the Euphrates News Agency, ANF, the Turkish occupation status seeks to occupy border areas 8 to 14 km … Read more

Notable Arab Tribes: Turkey Legalizes ISIS By Granting Them An Identity Card – ANHA | HAWARNEWS

At a time when the population of the occupied areas in northern and eastern Syria is exposed to various forms of rapes and crimes at the hands of the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries, Turkey seeks to continue the policies of demographic change in the region by resettling The ISIS families and the Iraqi … Read more


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ASTRO A10 Professional Gamer Headphone for PC / XBOX, Microphone, Volume Control, ASTRO Audio

ALSO COMPATIBLE WITH: XBOX, PS4, XBOX, XBOX Take your PC gaming experience to a whole new dimension. Designed for gamers, the A10 Headphones feature a durable design and increased comfort to combat fatigue so you can play more without rest. “Tuned for the game” with ASTRO Audio, the 40mm drivers deliver audio clarity and precision. … Read more

This is the Microsoft tool that claims to measure employee productivity according to the emails they send or the documents they share – Europa Directo

Microsoft has available to companies that use Microsoft 365]a Productivity Score tool name. This software has the ability to collect data on activity of the employees of a company with the tools of the brand. Microsoft takes all that data and produces a productivity score based on its parameters. An employer, through this service, receives … Read more

Boris Johnson already has a solution for the crisis and the pandemic: more military spending – Europa Directo

Boris Johnson has found a way to lift the spirits of Tory MPs and the rank and file of the party. Polls place the Conservatives fairly on par with Labor – some with Keir Starmer’s party. in front-, which is a big drop from the December 2019 elections, which the Tories won by 11.5 points … Read more

The pandemic hits Brexit: a positive interrupts face-to-face negotiations in the final stretch – Europa Directo

The outbreak of the pandemic forced face-to-face meetings to stop in spring. Even the EU’s chief negotiator, Michel Barnier, tested positive. The videoconference format dragged on for months, until both parties realized that the only way forward could be with face-to-face meetings where papers and notes could be exchanged. But even so, the main issues … Read more

Pompeo denounces religious intolerance with a gesture in Turkey – Europa Directo

It has been a surprise and a joy for the Orthodox world and even more so for the Greeks: Mike Pompeo, the American Secretary of State, during his tour of several countries in Europe and the Middle East (including France, Georgia, Israel, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates) chose to visit Istanbul to meet … Read more

Biden shows Boris Johnson his loneliness in the final leg of the Brexit negotiations – Europa Directo

Donald Trump celebrated Brexit and has given rallies in this electoral campaign with his greatest exponent, Nigel Farage. And Joe Biden expresses to Boris Johnson his commitment to the Good Friday Agreement, in a warning to the risks of the Internal Market law that the British Government wants to approve and that has already triggered … Read more

Lebanese analyst reveals why Turkey ignites conflict S. Caucasus – ANHA | HAWARNEWS

Sarkis Abu Zeid said that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is adopting the policy of attacking more than one axis at the same time, such as in the southern Caucasus, the eastern Mediterranean, especially in Libya and Greece. He noted that Erdogan is trying to expand Turkish influence and have a role in all these … Read more