R2 Blinders for the 1st time: Salon-de-Provence

R2 Blinders for the 1st time: Salon-de-Provence On Saturday 24th September at Salon-de-Provence (R2), the competitors mentioned below will be fitted with a pair of normal or Australian blinders for the first time in their careers:SIXTIES LOOK (207) : Oil. Out of.SPLENDID (603) : Oil. Out of.SPACE FORCE (604) : Oil. Out of. The editorial … Read more

Spinoro, the perfect cheese for World Vegetarian Day on October 1st – Newsfood – Nutrimento e Nutrimente

In view of the World Vegetarian Day on October 1stDalterFood Group invites you to try his a vegetarian reference, the Spinoro. Produced in Italy with high quality cow’s milk from Po farms, it is a hard cheese finely grainy, with a pure straw color and an enveloping aroma. To make it ideal for those following … Read more

The 1st flying motorcycle in the world has a range of 40 minutes

The world’s first flying motorcycle, which has an autonomy of 40 minutes and reaches up to 100 kilometers per hour, was presented on Thursday at the Detroit Motor Show, in the United States (USA). The XTurismo motorcycle it’s already on sale in Japan. A smaller version is expected to be available in the US in … Read more

1.1 billion won for one G-Dragon chair… 1st place in the entertainment industry ‘The King of Chairs’

(Photo = ‘All Year Plus’ broadcast screen) [이데일리 스타in 김보영 기자] Singer G-Dragon (real name Kwon Ji-yong) ranked first in the entertainment industry’s ‘King of Chairs’ selected by ‘All Year Plus’. On the evening of the 15th, KBS2 entertainment information program ‘Year-round Plus’ Celebrity Big Data Corner had a time to introduce the 10 best … Read more

All peeled, A400M ‘warrior’ made 1st flight with sustainable fuel

Image: Airbus Last July, the Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) test flight campaign was initiated by the A400M program team with the Military Air Systems unit of the Defense and Space division (Airbus Defense and Space). The first test flight using 29% SAF on one of its 4 engines proved successful, advancing the decarbonization of military … Read more

Axie Infinity Origins will dole out over $1.5 million in rewards on its 1st. season

season 1 of Axie Infinity is launched with a series of important changes by delivering $1.5 million in rewards for your players. These will be delivered at AXS. 1/ ⚔️Axie: Origins Season 1 starts today! 😤 We’ve juiced the prize pool to over $1.5 M in $AXS with the first place prize worth over $90 … Read more

“Isn’t that a machine?”… Kim Hee-sun was shocked when she revealed her 1st daughter’s handwritten notes in person.

Kim Hee-sun’s Instagram Actress Kim Hee-sun has become a hot topic by releasing an amazing handwritten photo of her daughter. September 6, 2022 Kim Hee-sun’s InstagramPublished a few photos via . The released photo was taken from a notebook that appears to belong to Kim Hee-sun’s daughter, Yuna. The English letters in the notebook are … Read more

[오늘의 스팀] Dark Horse Appears, Horror FPS ‘Gloomwood’ Takes 1st Place

▲ Top 10 best selling products worldwide on Steam as of 12pm on September 6 (Source: Steam) (This is the ranking of access by US IP to display games that are not exposed in Korea) On September 6, an unfamiliar game appeared at the top of the Steam World’s Best Selling Chart. Gloomwood, a stealth … Read more

The finalist of the 1st edition of “MasterChef Junior” RETURNED to the “adult” edition of the show. How does 19-year-old Kuba Tomaszczyk look today? (PHOTO)

Program “MasterChef Junior” made his debut on Polish television in February 2016. Several weeks later, she became the winner Natalia Paździor, which beat over a dozen culinary competitors in the fight for the title. Though she took the jackpot, she was close behind her Kuba Tomaszczykwho was very close to being on the podium. Kuba … Read more

Kepler’s 1st, 2nd and 3rd Laws of Planetary Motion

Kepler found that the 2nd power of a planet’s period is proportional to the 3rd power of the semi-major axis of the planet’s trajectory. The further away a planet is, the longer its revolution time. Expressed mathematically P^2 / A^3 = constant. The period (P) is the time it takes to go around the Sun … Read more