Apple reports battery problems for some 2016 and 2017 MacBook laptops

The Organization of Users and Consumers (OCU) has reported on a notice from Apple about a problem with some of their laptops. The tech company has warned that some MacBook Pro laptops manufactured between 2016 and 2017 does not load more than 1%. According to the OCU, the battery of these computers does not charge … Read more

6 famous Mexicans accused of sexual abuse

We present a list of the most controversial episodes that some of the Mexican celebrities have experienced He sexual abuse It is a delicate issue that was normalized throughout the world for a long time, however, due to the relevance of the movement #MeToo in 2017, many women from all over the planet decided report … Read more

The Monte dei Paschi case is increasingly similar to that of Alitalia | Opinion

Three years after a 5 billion bailout, Monte dei Paschi di Siena needs another, and the government has no easy options. Like Alitalia, it runs the risk of becoming a lasting burden on taxpayers. Despite the voluminous 2017 rescue, Monte Paschi remains in trouble. Since then, he has posted $ 4 billion in cumulative losses, … Read more

Colombian television mourns the death of Roberto Reyes Toledo

The sad news was announced through her Twitter account by the manager of the TRO Channel, Amanda Jaimes, who with a heartfelt message confirmed the news of the departure of Roberto Reyes Toledo, a renowned Colombian actor, scriptwriter and television director. “With deep sadness we bid farewell to Roberto Reyes Toledo, Bumangués actor, producer and … Read more

Superservices fines Triple A company with $ 6,500 million

A fine of $ 6.5 billion imposed the Superintendency of Public Services Domiciliary to the Aqueduct and Sewerage and Cleaning Company of Barranquilla (Triple A) for including administrative costs in the fees charged to users in Barranquilla and municipalities of Atlantic. According to the information provided by the Superintendency in a press release, These costs … Read more

Dissidence of ‘Iván Márquez’ accepts the crime of Álvaro Gómez

Through a statement, the dissidence of ‘Iván Márquez’ and ‘Jesús Santrich’, the Second Marquetalia, confirmed the attribution made by former FARC chiefs about the assassination of Álvaro Gómez Hurtado. “None of the hypotheses about the motives and authors of Álvaro Gómez Hurtado’s death were true, and none of those who had been implicated in one … Read more

This could have been Xbox Series S: Microsoft shows some prototypes of 2017

The existence of a Xbox Series S, smaller and cheaper than Xbox Series X, is something that was widely rumored during the months before its official presentation: the multiple leaks helped consolidate that possibility and some users launched into imagine the look of the console, even reaching the idea that it will be a console … Read more

Duque delivers new section of Ruta del Sol III in Bosconia

President Iván Duque will deliver this Thursday, 18 fully completed kilometers of the Ruta del Sol III, between Valledupar and Bosconia, after last February the president of the Colombians made official the reactivation of the works that were paralyzed for more than two years. The works on this road artery have been suspended since July … Read more

Vives expresses annoyance with Silvestre for using his musicians without consulting him

Since 2014 with the album ‘Sigo Unvicto’, the Urumitero artist Silvestre Dangond began to work hand in hand with the renowned producer Andrés Castro, thus beginning his internationalization process. Later he released ‘Gente valiente’ (2017) and ‘Esto es vida’ (2018). With the latter he won his first gramophone in the Cumbia-Vallenato category. To achieve this … Read more

The fires of the Typical Large: two cases, 38 accused and waiting trial | Typical-three years after the

The two cases that are the result of the investigation, in the context of the tragedy of the fire of the Typical Large, they should be tried in Court in April. Nuno Ferreira Santos The fire of the Typical, Large, led to the Public Prosecutor’s office (MP) to initiate investigations, which resulted in two lawsuits: … Read more