He wanted to recover an object on the tracks, so the 20-year-old died under the train

CIVITANOVA – The victim is Salima El Montassir, an Italian of Moroccan origin, who lived in the city for work. This morning she was crossing with a young man and came back to recover something that she had lost. The body is in the morgue, there is currently no clearance for burial. Acquire video surveillance … Read more

Lotus Band musician Chuck Morris found dead alongside his 20-year-old son

They had both been missing since March 16, when they went for a hike. Chuck and Charley Morris – YouTube Video Capture Musician Chuck Morris and his 20-year-old son had been missing for several weeks. The sad news has just fallen. Their dead bodies were found. According to information from Deadline, it was their relatives … Read more

A cry for help from relatives has been heard: a 20-year-old missing in Poland has been found

On Monday, news about a young Lithuanian missing in Poland was shared on social networks. A few hours later, the young man appeared. It was reported that a man who was traveling by bus to Germany went missing in Poland at night, from March 25 to 26. The young man was last seen near Warsaw, … Read more

The engineered discovery of a baby by the husband of Mrs. Kades was uncovered, the action of a 20-year-old girl’s pregnancy was revealed

TRIBUNJATENG.COM – The engineering to find abandoned babies that was carried out by RY (45), the husband of the village head in Tulungagung, East Java, was uncovered. As a result, his habit of impregnating a 20-year-old girl was revealed after the police became suspicious of RY’s testimony. He was immediately arrested by the police after … Read more

20-year-old Indian man had an idea in the pandemic that grew into a business valued at $900 million – Executive Digest

The confinement motivated by the Covid-19 pandemic was, for many people, a dark moment. But in the case of the Indian Aadit Palicha, it was his ‘eureka’ moment that currently allows him to earn 900 million dollars thanks to his home delivery company. Deep down, Palicha found a solution to a problem – the Indian … Read more

Onlyfans instead of McDonald’s: 20-year-old thinks she’s too pretty

job quit “I’m too pretty for McDonald’s” – that’s why Melanie (20) is now on Onlyfans A young Scotswoman found herself too attractive to work at the well-known fast-food chain. Finally she quit the job – and now earns her money with erotic content. updatedFeb 21, 2023 at 2:18 p.m Melanie from Edinburgh never quite … Read more

The 20-year-old gymnast turned the heads of teenagers: “I have never seen anything like this” | Sports

Olivia “Livvy” Dunne is not only a high-level gymnast, but also a popular face in the social space. The 20-year-old American woman has about 7 million. followers on TikTok. Almost 3 million she is also followed on Instagram, where O. Dunne publishes many of her photos. The athlete is especially popular in the United States. … Read more

20-year-old girl raped in a disco, is in hospital

A 20-year-old girl reported being raped in a nightclub after being drugged. You told the doctors of the Galliera hospital, where you are hospitalized on Saturday 14 January 2023. The girl, reports Ansa, said she spent the evening in a club near the ferry terminal. Some boys offered her several drinks and then abused her … Read more

20-year-old has no partner… Parents urge marriage to force blind date girl to collapse at wedding: I don’t want to get married | International | CTWANT

The bride burst into tears at the wedding scene. (Picture / flip from Douyin) With the changes of the times, marriage is no longer a necessary option in life, but many people are forced by their elders and are under great pressure. There is a 20-year-old woman in Weining, Guizhou, China. Wearing a white wedding … Read more