Does this 23-year-old American rapper face the death penalty?

#The death penalty is the most severe legal punishment in the United States of America. Currently, only 23-year-old rapper YNW Melly can face him. Even though it initially looked like he would get away “only” with prison, everything is different in the end. It will be decided in the near future, we will monitor the … Read more

Ukraine: Giulia Schiff, a 23-year-old Venetian enlisted with the army of Kiev, returns to Italy

The former pilot, expelled from the air force after a long legal process, left for Kiev last March. Her stay in our country is temporary. In Rome you took part in the demonstration organized by the Christian Association of Ukrainians in Italy. “I am finding with you the recognition that I have not had so … Read more

Lee Kyung-sil “23-year-old son Bo-seung Son, got pregnant before marriage… became a grandmother”

Screen capture of MBC’s entertainment program ‘Household Mate’ Comedian Lee Kyung-sil revealed the behavior of her son, actor Son Bo-seung (?). In the MBC entertainment program ‘Household Mate’, which was broadcast on the 20th, Yerim Lee met Lee Kyung-gyu and his daughter Ye-rim Lee and prepared a birthday party. On this day, as soon as … Read more

Triple assassination in Kessel-Lo: a 23-year-old suspect under arrest warrant

On the night of Saturday June 11, three people were stabbed to death in a house in Zavelstraat, in Kessel-Lo: a 54-year-old woman, who lived in the accommodation, her 23-year-old son, as well as a friend of family, 47 years old. One of the victims was able to notify the emergency services around 3:00 a.m. … Read more

“Obsessed with sex”, Madonna is caught kissing a 23-year-old model

At 64, Madonna isn’t blushing when she says her current obsession is sex. The star, now more famous for his scandals than for his music, was even seen in charming company in New York. Single since April and her separation from dancer Ahlamalik Williams, the “Material Girl” now sets her sights on a model who … Read more

23-year-old says he spent $50,000 on surgeries to look like Marilyn Monroe

Serena Smith/IG Serena Smith Serena Smith has dreamed as much of being like stars as Marilyn Monroe, Jayne Mansfield y Anna Nicole Smith that since she was a teenager she has been undergoing plastic surgery to change her physical appearance. So much so that she says she has already spent some $50,000 on the procedures! … Read more

23-year-old suspected of murdering doppelgänger

A 23-year-old German-Iraqi woman was supposed to meet her separated husband in Ingolstadt in Bavaria on Tuesday evening. When her parents did not hear anything from their daughter after the meeting, they themselves traveled to Ingolstadt to find her, writes Bild. In a parking lot they found their daughter’s Mercedes. The family screamed in despair … Read more

Who is Shakira’s rival, 23-year-old Clara Marti

Instagram is asking who is Pique’s new girlfriend? What is known about the chosen one of the athlete? Gerard’s new love is student Clara Chia Marti, she is 23 years old. The girl works part-time at Pique’s company, where they also met. “Gerard and Clara have been dating for several months. She is a student … Read more