Asti, 24-year-old girl raped after a business dinner – Chronicle

Sexual violence Asti, 4 August 2021 – Raped after a business dinner. They had met a few hours earlier, introduced by mutual friends, and then they had gone to dinner to talk about work, on the occasion of the approach of the harvest period. The work wasn’t the man’s true intentions, though. After convincing her … Read more

Malaria has spread in this team.. Ayman, the 24-year-old boy, has surrendered (photo)

An outbreak of malaria among the ranks of the Libyan national football team caused the death of one of the players, and the infection of a number of other players, after the team participated in the African Mini Football Cup in Nigeria, according to the Libyan Ministry of Sports and its Mini Football Federation. According … Read more

The meeting moment of parents and their kidnapped 24-year-old child, haru – Children are the most beautiful gift that parents have. Whatever parents will do for the happiness of their children. Likewise, whatever bad things happen to a child makes parents sad and hurt. Who is not sad when parents are forced to separate from their children? Of course, no parent wants to be separated … Read more

Francis Lalanne 62-year-old dad: how the singer met his 24-year-old partner?

Francis Lalanne is 62 years old for the fifth time! At the turn of an interview with Gala, the famous singer has indeed revealed that his young companion of 24 years old gave birth to a little girl in the greatest of secrets a few months ago … Non Stop People tells you more . … Read more

Coronavirus: Matam records his first death, a 24-year-old man

A first case of death linked to the coronavirus disease was deplored Monday in Matam, According to the director of the regional hospital of Ourossogui, Mamadou Ndiaye. The deceased, a 24-year-old man, was admitted on Sunday in a “very tired” state, he told Aps, specifying that he finally died on Monday at 8 p.m. Test … Read more