Search for missing 25-year-old woman in Zenne halted, tomorrow will be searched in other side arm of river

“The search has yielded little or nothing,” says Alain Remue of the Missing Persons Unit. Since 9 o’clock this morning, a new search was started with the help of a helicopter and drones, among other things. “I would have loved to at least find the bike, but I couldn’t in this bed. The bike isn’t … Read more

Police arrest 25-year-old drug driver after serious accident on A15, other ‘intoxicated’ motorist still on the run | Lower Betuwe

The accident happened around 06:30 on the road towards Tiel and Rotterdam. A 25-year-old man from Papendrecht has been arrested after he was patched up in hospital with some stitches. The cheek swab test for drugs showed that he was under the influence, presumably he had used speed. According to the police, he has ‘the … Read more

The 25-year-old girl was frantically urged to get married… Her father also forced her to “help my younger brother introduce a partner” to reveal the dark inside story: only for money | International | CTWANT

When the marriageable age is reached and there is no partner, the most anxious thing at this time is always the parents. There is a 25-year-old woman in Henan, China, who is in the prime of her youth, but her father is very anxious, worried that she will not be able to get married, and … Read more

Cerebral hemorrhage while at the stables, 25-year-old Elisa Caporali dies

MADIGNANO – Crushed by a cerebral hemorrhage while she was at the Genivolta stables: Elisa Caporali, 25 years old from Madignanoshe passed away on Wednesday, after the sudden illness that had caught her a few days before. The immense pain caused by her disappearance translated into new life force because Elisa’s organs served to save … Read more

Quentin, a well-known 25-year-old cyclist in the region, died in a car accident

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Conthey VS: Car found in river on Christmas Eve – 25-year-old driver dead

Are you mourning or mourns someone you know You can find help here: Offered Hand, worry hotline, Tel. 143 Seelsorge.netoffert the Reformed and Catholic Churchn Muslim pastoral careTel. 043 205 21 29 Jewish welfare, [email protected] Lifewith.chfor bemet siblings Association Rainbow Switzerland Associationhelpe for grieving families support groups For Youth, Advice for children and young … Read more

This is how the daughter of Klaudiusz from “Big Brother” looks like today. 25-year-old Vanessa Sevkovic is an avid traveler (PHOTOS)

Eh, Poodle, Poodle, weak risercz. Chick is not an avid traveler, but works for Emirates airlines. Which also means that he currently does not live in Munich, but in Dubai. By the way, 90% of Emirates girls’ instagrams look identical to hers, nothing special.

Dick Advocaat announces return on TV: ‘Get about the salary I had as a 25-year-old’ | Ado den Haag

“I assume only a travel allowance?”, presenter Wilfred Genee wonders aloud in conversation with Advocaat, after the program has ended. “Only travel expenses”, Advocaat jokes. The two talk after the broadcast in the corridors. ,,No, I have about the salary I received when I left as a 25-year-old. Then you know how much that is. … Read more

Biden’s 28-year-old granddaughter married a 25-year-old lawyer. The party took place at the White House. Wedding photos

On website white house reportedthat the wedding party with the participation of Joe and Jill Biden took place in the dining room of the residence of the President of the United States. Wedding photos of Biden’s granddaughter also published on Instagram of the company that organized the wedding event. Editions Glamour and People notethat it … Read more

ONLY ON THE BOX: Filip Chajzer and his 25-year-old love Pamper themselves at Chopin Airport after returning from the Dominican Republic (PHOTOS)

All good things must come to an end sometime. Unfortunately, the same happened with rest Filip Chajzer in Punta Cana, where he flew to fry on the hot sand with his newest companion – 25-year-old Julia. Parka, although she has already set up a joint profile on Instagram for her dogs, has refrained from posting … Read more