reactions with emojis and files up to 2GB

Can Musk help increase the value of Twitter? 3:09 (CNN Spanish) — Emoji reactions to WhatsApp messages are officially integrated into the Meta messaging app. “Reactions on WhatsApp start rolling out today,” Mark Zuckerberg announced, CEO of Meta, in a post on Facebook. Reactions — which include these popular emojis 👍 ❤️ 😂 😮 😢 … Read more

WhatsApp will get larger groups and 2GB file sharing in the coming weeks – IT Pro – News

I’ve been almost completely ungoogled on Youtube for about five years now. There is, of course, no alternative to that. (if you want to see something that is only on Youtube, stop it of course) From Meta I only have WhatsApp. From a functional point of view, this dependence is of course not so bad. … Read more

WhatsApp group function has been greatly updated, adding emotional response, 2GB file sharing, 32-person voice party

WhatsApp WhatsApp postThey have a new imagination for the conversation scenarios used by multiple people, respectively preview the new vision of the “WhatsApp community”, and bring a number of updates to the active WhatsApp groups. Let’s talk about the groups that you can experience in the near future. new function. Four new features will be … Read more