Low Tuck Kwong Becomes RI’s 2nd Richest Person After Coal Prices Skyrocketed

Jakarta, CNNIndonesia — Low Tuck Kwong rocketed from 18th to 2nd on the list the richest man version Forbes December 2022. Reported ForbesThursday (8/12), Kwong’s assets almost fivefold increased from US$2.55 billion to US$12.1 billion or around IDR 188.76 trillion (assuming an exchange rate of IDR 15,600 per US dollar). Kwong’s surge in wealth cannot … Read more

DinDin, 2nd apology for advancing to the round of 16 of the World Cup team

Dindin. Photo|Star Today DB Singer Dindin once again apologized publicly for the Korean national soccer team’s advance to the round of 16 at the 2022 Qatar World Cup. On the morning of the 3rd, when the Korean national soccer team dramatically defeated Portugal and advanced to the round of 16, DinDin captured and uploaded a … Read more

Evenepoel winner of the Vélo d’Or: ‘A great honor so early in my career’, Kopecky 2nd among the ladies

Remco Evenepoel won the Vélo d’Or, a trophy awarded by Vélo Magazine for the best cyclist of the season. The world champion was ahead of Wout van Aert and the Slovenian Tadej Pogacar. Among the ladies, Lotte Kopecky finished second behind Dutch Annemiek van Vleuten. Evenepoel, 22, has had a historic season after winning his … Read more

Right before the 3rd tour! Liella! 2nd Generation Photo & Interview ④ Natsumi Onitsuka, Aya Emori

Anxiety as a motivation to work hard ――How did you feel before the start of the second season of the TV anime?EmoriLiella! was already a group with a high level of perfection, so I wondered if it would really be okay for me to join this group. It was the biggest. We talked about that … Read more

Right before the 3rd tour! Liella! 2nd Generation Photo & Interview ③ Shiki Wakana / Wakana Okuma | Febri

Before the broadcast, I was surprisingly calm ――It’s been a while since the 2nd season of the TV anime aired, how did you feel before it started?big bearSince I was in elementary school, I had a dream of becoming a voice actor, so it was the moment when that dream came true. However, at that … Read more

Skoda Fabia 2nd generation (3rd part) – diesel engines

Skoda Fabia 2 diesel engines 2007-2015 First, briefly about diesel engines in such old cars. Even if you choose among the newest pieces, it will still be seven or eight year old vehicles. Don’t be naive and don’t run into a seasoned salesman who will force you to buy a car with a lean 90 … Read more

Adjusted the 2nd generation COVID vaccine formula to fight mutations 10 times better than the old version | TNN evening news | 28 Nov. ’22

A vaccine called “Bivalent” (Bivalent) is a 2nd generation COVID vaccine that has been formulated. to accommodate mutation-bearing strains Developed by Pfizer-Biontech. and Moderna Company Contains original virus strains and components of omikron variants using as a booster vaccine It can be injected from 2 months after the last dose of vaccination. The National Center … Read more

Right before the 3rd tour! Liella! 2nd Generation Photo & Interview 2: Akane Yabushima as American Mei | Febri

What I was worried about was the change in everyone’s feelings ――First of all, please tell us about your feelings before the second season of the TV anime started broadcasting.YabushimaFirst of all, I was interested in how the new students learned about Liella! and how they wanted to join. Mei-chan loved Liella! even before she … Read more

Right before the 3rd tour! Liella! 2nd Generation Photo & Interview ① Kinako Sakurakoji, Nozomi Suzuhara | Febri

The 2nd term came while thinking “I have to become more Kinako-chan!” ――It’s been a while since the 2nd season of the TV anime ended. Looking back, how did you feel before the broadcast?SuzuharaI guess I didn’t really feel like I was alive. Joining as a new member in the form of a “2nd generation” … Read more

Index – Interior – The commander of the 2nd National Army did not ask for a pardon from the People’s Court

Gusztáv Hautzinger was born on October 21, 1883 in Rajka. His father, Sándor Hautzinger, previously served in the Imperial and Royal 76th Infantry Regiment. After the family moved to Budapest, he was a classmate of György Lukács, later Marxist philosopher, among others, at Deák Tér Evangelical High School. After graduation, he studied at the Ludovika … Read more