After being free, the number of “PUBG” ditto has doubled to over 600,000, and the Steam comment area has become a new battlefield | 4Gamers

The military battle royale shooting “PUBG” has been officially opened for free operation on Steam since the first (12) days. As expected, it attracted a large number of players. The peak number of players exceeded 660,000, and 600,000 players were also online the next day. according to SteamdDB Records, the number of “PUBG” at its … Read more

Steam Shooter “Heavy Armed Forces” New Expansion “Siberian Riot” will be released on 1/26 | 4Gamers

World-renowned indie game publisher Devolver Digital announced that development team Timelock Studio and Croteam, the original team of Armed Forces, will work together to launch Serious Sam Siberia on Steam on January 26. : Siberian Mayhem), pick up your reloaded firepower, and follow “Hero Sam” to the extreme cold country to start a new chapter … Read more

[email protected] co-branded CASETiFY, limited co-branded series 1/25 on sale | 4Gamers

The internationally renowned fashion and lifestyle accessories brand CASETiFY announced today (14th) the launch of the [email protected] x CASETiFY limited joint series, which will be released globally on January 25th. [email protected] Kubrick Bear and CASETiFY are both known for creating infinite possibilities for expression, and this joint collection brings together [email protected]’s design-oriented spirit and CASETiFY’s … Read more

The Queen is here! “White Night Aurora” Limited Time Event “Queen of Hourglass” New Light, New System Comes Coldly | 4Gamers

With the revision of the strategy online RPG mobile game “White Night Aurora”, the plot has finally advanced to another wave of new peaks. This event “Hourglass Queen” is rich in content, including new limited-time gameplay, reward activities, system adjustments, and a new special event book. The “queen” that everyone has been looking forward to … Read more

“Avatar 2” mobile game new debut, “Dragon Fantasy” developer with Tencent Level Infinite | 4Gamers

I don’t know when a movie will come, but the concept of games is in place one after another. An “Avatar” mobile game “AVATAR: Reckoning” (Avatar: Judgment, tentative translation) has been officially released. “AVATAR: Reckoning” is developed by “Dragon Fantasy” China’s Archosaur Games and published by Tencent’s brand Level Infinite. It is expected to be … Read more

This winter’s strongest realistic shooting game “Ready or Not”, you have a million ways to open doors | 4Gamers

If you are a player who likes special warfare or shooting themes and continues to pay attention to the Steam page, I believe that you will have noticed a work called “Ready or Not” last month. Further reading:The “Ready or Not” game has a voice file of “Jiang Xinan Ice Cream”, which was negatively criticized … Read more

Multiplayer parkour shooting battle “LEAP” released, developed by the “Slender Ghost: Arrival” team | 4Gamers

Blue Isle Studios, a Toronto-based game team, released its latest work “LEAP” today (12), which is a first-person sci-fi shooter featuring 60-player competition and fast-paced action parkour. The background of “LEAP” is set in the mercenary war war in the alien planet. The mercenary played by the player can fight for the United Alliance for … Read more

High-rise ruins survival “Forever Skies” new work released, looking for disease solutions above the highly toxic cloud earth | 4Gamers

Many doomsday game themes often require players to travel through various terrains on the surface, go up the mountain and go to the sea to explore everywhere, but in “Forever Skies” is different, you are not on the surface, but the ruins of high-rise buildings above the clouds, because clouds are poisonous, And the surface … Read more

A truly free open world! “Delusional Mountains and Seas: Qiankun” is an ancient world full of oriental mythology and imagination | 4Gamers

“Delusional Mountains and Seas: Qiankun” is an open-world mobile game with the theme of Shanhaijing. It focuses on highly free gameplay. There are no occupational restrictions on character selection, and it does not have to be “human”; the seamless three-dimensional spherical map can be arbitrarily Explore, and build homes like Minecraft; the unique beast system … Read more

Internet rumors FromSoftware’s “Machine War Mercenaries” new work in development, BOSS battles are a bit “soul” | 4Gamers

From PS to PS3 and Xbox 360, FromSoftware’s work “Machine War Mercenaries”, which created a difficult soul system, launched a total of 15 series works on the host platform. The last one “Armored Core: Verdict Day” (Armored Core: Verdict Day) in Since its release in 2013, there has been no new work. In recent years, … Read more