Xiangbei Shuai fried, recycled the floor of the stadium to create the “Slam Dunk” theatrical version of the visual board to be exhibited in Tokyo | 4Gamers

The theatrical version of “Slam Dunk” “The First Slam Dunk” is expected to be released on December 3rd. Recently, in order to increase the popularity before the release, the official specially released a set of Xiangbei Five Tigers Vision Board made of recycled stadium floors. It is currently in the urban area of ​​Tokyo. display. … Read more

The trial version of “The Chronicles of God” is online, and the records can be inherited to the official version | 4Gamers

The DioField Chronicle, a brand-new strategic role-playing game developed by Square Enix, is now available as a demo on all platforms. The trial version is available on all platforms. This trial version can be played from the beginning of the game to the end of the first chapter, and the saved data can be inherited … Read more

Microsoft accuses Sony of paying ‘blocking fees’ to keep games off Xbox Game Pass | 4Gamers

The review of Microsoft’s acquisition of Blizzard continues, and more information is now breaking out. In a review document, Microsoft alleges that Sony pays developers “blocking rights” to prevent more games from making it to Xbox Game Pass or other related competing subscription services. The document comes from a review document that Microsoft submitted to … Read more

Sony INZONE H9/H7/H3 review: PS5 compatible gaming headset | 4Gamers

Sony’s gaming brand INZONE has launched its gaming headsets in Taiwan, including the INZONE H9 (WH-G900N), the wireless INZONE H7 (WH-G700) and the wired INZONE H3 with both wireless and active noise cancellation. (WH-G300) meet different market levels, let’s take a look at their details and performance! Appearance and Design INZONE H9 INZONE H7 INZONE … Read more

“Apex Heroes” S14 Ghost Moon Revised BUG “Vantage Possession”, the character was completely replaced by Vantage Soul Possession Skill Group | 4Gamers

The 14th season of “APEX Legends” “Hunting Lock” has been officially updated and installed yesterday (9), and the youngest hero “Vantage” has also officially appeared, although not every player is interested Try, but a new bug in the game forces you to try out the new hero:Because you may hit halfway, your hero may become … Read more

The diving price of “Century Empire 4” is gone, the price has rebounded but it is still cheaper than before | 4Gamers

Age of Empires IV from Microsoft Steam and Microsoft Store The store suddenly adjusted the price last Saturday, bringing the price of the standard version of the game to the lowest NTD 258 in the world. This situation is no longer there after the adjustment on the 9th. On August 6, Taiwan time, the price … Read more

“Apex Heroes” S14 Valkyrie is greatly weakened + the gold shield is removed from the pull, S13 data shows that the number of diamond master points has plummeted | 4Gamers

Respawn Studios took a swipe at the Season 13 ‘Salvation Hero’ this MayMajor overhaul of the rules for the points gamethe purpose is to hope that players will compete for Rank points and battles with “Play for the Team” and “Play for the Win”. According to the official update announcement, in addition to stating that … Read more

EVO 2022 closes, the last live broadcast hides the easter eggs of “King of Power” | 4Gamers

After a weekend of fierce battles, the world’s largest fighting game event EVO 2022 ended today. It is interesting that the Hong Kong movie “Power King” was actually used by the conference as the final closing easter egg. After today’s official live broadcast, the official character card was performed as usual, but just after the … Read more

Steam beta preview supports Switch’s standard controller Joy-Con, both single and dual wields can be used | 4Gamers

Steam has announced that it will have built-in support for the Switch controller Joy-Con in its latest beta client. In the field of Switch, Steam first supported the Pro version of the controller, and then announced last month that it supports the nostalgic controllers for Switch (FC, SFC, N64, Sega Genesis) that can be redeemed … Read more

After a lapse of 22 years, SNK released the new work of “The Legend of the Hungry Wolf”, and the characters of “Samurai Soul” participated in “The King of Fighters XV” | 4Gamers

SNK announced the latest works and plans in the “King of Fighters” project at the EVO conference on the 8th. One of SNK’s well-known fighting games in the 1990s, “FATAL FURY”, announced the development of the latest work in the series. The last one was “MARK OF THE WOLVES” in 1999. The name of the … Read more