After the Curtains of the House, the Turtle Building’s “Dome” was painted

JAKARTA, – A number of work projects within the Indonesian House of Representatives (DPR) have drawn controversy. The projects were not considered urgent, but the budget was fantastic. For example, the project for the procurement of curtains for the official residence of members of the DPR, which amounts to Rp. 43.5 billion. After nearly … Read more

Apple saves $6.5 billion by removing chargers and headphones from all iPhones

In October 2020 Apple removed charger and EarPods included with all iPhones. Daily Mail resource countedhow much money the company has been able to save since then – about £5 billion or $6.5 billion (~870 billion rubles). This was achieved due to the fact that Cupertino did not change the cost of their devices. Since … Read more