Outside the World Cup|Brazil’s nine-game winning streak breaks Lenima: next year will be my last World Cup Metz’s 80th goal to help Argentina achieve victory (20:39)-20211011-Sports-Real Time News

Nima missed the World Cup and defeated the Venezuelan team. This game came back without surprise. The Brazilian team finally scored 1 point with Colombia without a goal for the first time in this tournament. The Brazilian coach Tiedi defended Nima after the game: “As the leader of the team, he performed appropriately and did … Read more

Operation Barbarossa. 80th anniversary – News

Albert Speer recalled that while visiting Paris in June 1940, alongside the Fuhrer, he was to hear from him the disturbing phrase “We are not finished yet”. It turned out that these words foreshadowed plans for further conquests of Germany From the end of 1940, Stalin received information from relatively well-informed sources that the German … Read more