They survived a disaster that killed 97 people.. Then they committed suicide!!

To survive a disaster that almost led to death, this means that you are lucky in the opinion of everyone, and it will be said that a “new life” has been written for you, but to survive a disaster that killed 97 people, and then end your life with your own hands? That is the … Read more

September 17 Incident: The Discovery of Saturn’s Satellite, This is History – Saturn is the second largest planet in solar system. This planet, dubbed the gas giant, has a diameter of up to 120,536 km with hydrogen and helium as its main constituents. In addition to its large shape, Saturn is also known to have the largest number of satellites in the solar system. It … Read more

How to calculate the ideal weight of a child that is easy to do – Growth child It is important to observe starting from height, weight, body resistance, and other health. The first five years of a child’s life is the most important phase of their development, not only for their physical growth but also for the growth of their nervous system and brain. This overall growth lays … Read more

Singapore Executes Man With Mental Retarding Related to Drug Cases – Singapore executed a mentally retarded man on Wednesday after a lengthy attempt at his clemency was rejected. Nagaenthran K Dharmalingam (34), a Malaysian citizen, was arrested in 2009 for bringing 42.7 grams of heroin to Singapore. He was convicted and sentenced to death in 2010. The Dharmalingam family’s lawyer, N Surendran, told the … Read more