An Estonian bank enters the Czech Republic. She aims for sustainability, the crisis can be an opportunity for her

At a time of rapidly rising electricity and gas prices, the Estonian fintech bank Inbank, which specializes in financing renewable energy sources for end users, is entering the Czech market. The bank announced this in a press release on Tuesday. There are a total of 44 banks operating in the Czech Republic with a license … Read more

Ledecká ended cooperation with Atomic. He has a Czech billionaire on his skis

Three-time Olympic champion Ester Ledecká ended her collaboration with Atomic after eleven years. He will now compete on skis of the Czech-Austrian Kästle brand. Ledecká announced her departure from Atomic on her Facebook profile. “I closed the next chapter of my life and it was not easy at all. I will never forget the first … Read more

Expensive loans crippled the housing market. There are few interested parties, but the sellers refuse to reduce the price

As recently as last year, those interested in buying apartments and family houses were “haggling”. They often overpaid the price of the offered real estate, it was usually sold in a few days. This year it is different, more than half of the properties are waiting for buyers for several months. The supply is greater … Read more

How to find out that I have shares from coupon privatization. A depository or a bank will help

Thirty years have passed since the first coupon privatization, and there are still over 700,000 unclassified accounts in the Central Securities Depository (CDCP) to which the owners do not report. At the same time, the shares in these accounts are worth several billion crowns. The commercial project offered help for a fee, but had … Read more

The Orsay chain has moved to About You. The new owner is to take over the stores in the Czech Republic

The German clothing brand Orsay has closed its own online store, moved sales to the About You e-shop, which was established in Germany and operates in 25 European countries. The company informed customers about the change on the website. The stores in the Czech Republic, which have been operated by Ordiczech since 2018, will probably … Read more

Better interest rates on savings accounts is often just a gimmick. The system full of hooks is mainly intended to attract

Czechs are very popular with savings accounts. They are happy to hear when the bank informs them that it is raising interest rates. This has been happening often in recent months. Banks explain this by saying that they want to share the profit with their clients, because they also make better use of the money … Read more

The Icelandic supermarket chain in the Czech Republic has succumbed to Brexit. He filed for insolvency

ICL Czech, which operates the stores of the British chain Iceland in the Czech Republic, has filed for insolvency. Spokesman Petr Langmaier declined to comment on a direct question from Aktuálně.cz. According to the insolvency proposal, the reason is a coronavirus pandemic, which also affected food sales and Brexit, which, among other things, significantly increased … Read more

One tenth of young Czechs are planning their own housing. But he has unrealistic ideas about installments

Every tenth young Czech between the ages of 26 and 36, ie approximately 150,000 people, plans to buy or build a property over the next twelve months. Another fifteen percent of young people are planning to renovate housing. This follows from the March survey of NMS Market Research among a thousand respondents, which was presented … Read more

Czech supplier of car parts in Russia: We continue to produce, PSA, Renault and Hyundai are not finished

The Czech supplier of components for car manufacturers producing cars in Russia, Brano Group, has not closed its factory on the local market, but expects whether other car manufacturers will also suspend its operations. According to them, PSA, Renault and Hyundai continue to buy their products. The Branorus plant of the Czech Brano Group near … Read more

Inflation rose by almost ten percent in January. See how they increase pensions

Inflation in the Czech Republic accelerated to 9.9 percent year on year in January from 6.6 percent in December. Year-on-year consumer price inflation was the highest since July 1998, when it stood at 10.4 percent. Inflation is so high that there will be an extraordinary valorisation of pensions, averaging CZK 1,015. The increase is intended … Read more