Goodbye NVIDIA! Company will abandon graphics cards for gamers and it’s all the fault of ChatGPT | A100 | Open AI | Present

The blame lies with the artificial intelligence ChatGPT, whose enormous data-crunching power is driving demand for extremely powerful and expensive hardware. Photo: NVIDIA NVIDIA has announced that it will stop focusing on the production of gaming graphics cards as they are not profitable enough for the company. This news comes after the price of graphics … Read more

“I had to abandon my car and walk my children to school!”

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Do not abandon the mobile phone business and insist on high-end!Huawei released the latest and strongest flagship mobile phone supply chain this month, saying that it has already been produced – yqqlm

Do not abandon the mobile phone business and insist on high-end!Huawei released the latest and strongest flagship mobile phone supply chain this month, saying it has already been produced If you’re looking forward to Huawei’s new high-end flagship, you should be able to see it this month. According to the latest news, Huawei will release … Read more

Despite casualties and amid reports of lack of support, Ukrainian forces refuse to abandon Bakhmuth

The head of the Russian Wagner paramilitary group, Evgueni Prigozhin, once again complained about the lack of ammunition for his men, who have been on the front line of combat since the middle of last year. 06/03/2023 The Ukrainian army today announced its intention to “reinforce“their positions in Bakhmut, the epicenter of the fighting, amid … Read more

Audi is not going to abandon the “e-tron” brand

German carmaker Audi has announced that it will not abandon its “e-tron” brand, which is currently used to distinguish electric cars from conventional models, in the future. Although Audi has committed to switch to electric car production by 2033, the “e-tron” is here to stay. Earlier, one of Audi’s fiercest rivals, Mercedes, announced that it … Read more

Habits you need to abandon in order not to get Alzheimer’s! They rot the brain

Some habits harm the brain. These habits can lead to forgetfulness and memory problems. Here are the habits you should abandon for a healthy brain. Alzheimer’s has recently started to be seen not only in older people, but also in younger people. It is possible to prevent Alzheimer’s disease. Sometimes this disease can be related … Read more

It is speculated that Nvidia may abandon the GeForce MX series, iGPUs are very powerful

Server ITHome speculated that it would Nvidia could end production of dedicated graphics chips GeForce MX. Although this is not behind-the-scenes information, the fact is that the assumptions are based on relevant arguments, and therefore we will look at them. It is rumored that the new Ryzen 7040 Phoenix processors will include an integrated Radeon … Read more

the cook Jimena Monteverde would abandon Mirtha Legrand and Juana Viale – La Brújula 24

Laura Ubfal, entertainment journalist from THE COMPASS 24synthesized the main news from the world of entertainment, in the midst of the tenuous negotiations that exist around the “pass market” on the radio, facing what will be a hot year because the elections put politics at the center from the scene. The synthesis of his column … Read more

Brendan Fraser in The Whale: “Let’s abandon prejudice against obese people”

Writing BBC News World 24 January 2023 image source, A24 Caption, Brendan Fraser is one of Hollywood’s awards season favorites for his role in the movie “The Whale.” The movie The Whale is one of the big contenders in this year’s film awards season. She has also been noted for relaunching the career of the … Read more