Abandoned pets in Cundinamarca: municipalities where animals are most abandoned – Bogotá

Cundinamarca launched an alert for the more than 12,430 pets abandoned on the roads, streets and neighborhoods of its municipalities. “Another of the sad news that the pandemic and the difficult economic situation in which we find ourselves today has left us is the increase in the abandonment of companion animals, another form of abuse. … Read more

Do they abandon traditional animation? ‘The Simpsons’ reveal preview of its next chapter

This season of the year has arrived where the series begin to have darker themes and the films that are seen the most are horror films. Autumn is Halloween and with this comes the special of the yellow family that in its thirty-first edition. Only this time something will happen that hasn’t been seen in … Read more

Napoli would have to abandon duel against Juve due to COVID-19 | sports

TURIN, Italy (AP) – Napoli could be forced to abandon their game this Sunday against Juventus in Serie A. Juve, current monarch, issued a statement on Saturday in which it warned that its players will enter the field to play the game against Napoli despite the fact that that second team would be prohibited from … Read more

The US will not pay what it owes to the WHO, when it prepares to abandon it

The United States said Wednesday that it will not pay about $ 80 million it currently owes to the World Health Organization (WHO), instead redirecting the money to the United Nations in New York. The United States plans to leave the Geneva-based WHO on July 6, 2021, after President Donald Trump accused it of becoming … Read more

Austria and Hungary did not force George Soros to abandon operations

Vienna, Austria.- This week they published on social networks that the Austrian Foreign Minister, Sebastian Kurz, and the Prime Minister of Hungary, Viktor Orbán, forced the Hungarian magnate, George Soros, to abandon his operations in those countries. However the news could be false, since there is no tests. “Viktor Orban (Hungary) and Sebastian Kurz (Austria) … Read more

By investing one billion euros, Unilever will completely abandon fossil fuels in its cleaners by 2030 – Market News

Unilever, a leading manufacturer of cleaning and laundry detergents, today announced that 100% of the carbon used in its products, which is derived from fossil resources, will be replaced by renewable or recycled carbon. This step has been taken to improve the sustainability of internationally renowned cleaning and laundry detergents such as Domestos, Cif, Neutral, … Read more

Flames around Palermo, the mayor of Altofonte: “Abandon the houses”

The flames entered the village of Altofonte: the fire front, over two kilometers long, enveloped the first houses in the highest part of the municipality, ten kilometers from Palermo. More than half of the inhabitants have been evacuated and waiting for the canadair and forestry helicopters to come into operation in a few hours, at … Read more

Poland urges Russia to abandon plans for military intervention in Belarus

“[Polijas] “The government urges Russia to immediately abandon plans for military intervention in Belarus, hiding behind a false” re-establishment of control “, a hostile move in violation of international law and the human rights of the Belarusian people to choose their own destiny,” the prime minister said. Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Thursday that … Read more