Class with the strongest scene in the history of cinema..I watch with sound and image what happened behind the scenes of the movie “Resala to the Governor” starring Yousra and Adel Emam. She was attacked like a beast because of her beauty..and the audience defeated Sama Al-Masry and Fifi Abdo

Tuesday, May 23, 2023 11:33 a.m You are now following the news of a category with the strongest scene in the history of cinema..I watch with sound and image what happened behind the scenes of the movie “A Message to the Governor”, ​​starring Yousra and Adel Emam, who attacked her like a beast because of … Read more

Watch before deletion.. Two very beautiful Saudi girls dazzled the youth, doing the impossible with a strong dance compass that challenges the most famous dancer, Sama Al-Masry and Fifi Abdo!!

We are with you on new news, a video of a girl dancing in one of the very strong weddings, and it appears from this video that the two girls are working in the profession of dancing. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is one of the Arab countries that cares about the moral traditions and … Read more

Watch with audio and pictures. .. The strong scenes from the movie “A Message to the Governor”, ​​starring Suhair Ramzi with Adel Emam, because of which the film will be banned from showing .. And Ghalbty’s follower is Fifi Abdo and Dana Jabr

And she announced that they are scheduled to present a second part of the series, but she did not make a decision on the matter until she read the script, adding that she is scheduled to play the role of a Saeedi woman in the series “Al-Hilalia”, and therefore she will hire a coach to … Read more

The fat is in Al-Ataki.. Fifi Abdo appears in a white bathrobe that reveals everything underneath it clearly, as if she was not wearing anything..and a follower swept Safinaz and Sama Al-Masry

The artist, Fifi Abdo, published a new video clip of her via the Instagram feature for sharing photos and videos, in which she congratulated her followers and her large audience on Christmas, with a view that attracted many followers around her in a very large way, as Fifi Abdo relies on her looks with dances … Read more

As she was born, Miss Russia Safinaz cornered her.. Al-Keshta, Miss Lebanon, Lamita Franjieh, stirs up the youth’s frenzy with the short Abu Sharashib.. And the follower of honey defeated Sama Al-Masry and Fifi Abdo

The Lebanese star always shines. The beautiful Lebanese artist, Lamita Franjieh, where Lamita Virginia published several photos of her on her own account on the Instagram photo and video site, by publishing photos of her in celebration of the New Year holidays and Christmas celebrations. Lamita Franjieh came in her latest look, and she wore … Read more

Right shake and left shake.. Fat in Al-Ataki, Miss Lebanon Fifi Abdo, forgot herself on the screen, revealed the taboo, and responded to a better follower than Sama Al-Masry and Safinaz

The Egyptian actress, Fifi Abdo, participated in the audience and followers on her official page on Facebook, while she was filming a private session for her in the bedroom. Fifi Abdo stated during a television interview in one of the famous programs with the great journalist Wafaa Al-Kilani about the reason for her absence for … Read more

Better than Miss Russia..without shame, Miss Lebanon, Sama Al-Masry, cornered Jawhara and Fifi Abdo on the shelf in the bathroom, showing her beauty

She completed her university studies at the Faculty of Arts, Department of English, and obtained a Bachelor of Arts and Education.[6] Vanizah to Cairo Alone, she started her life by working in a bazaar to sell antiques and working in tourism. She left him, then worked for a period in the stock exchange in public … Read more

Muhammad Abdo Tash | sports newspaper

As much as we were happy on the first days of the blessed Ramadan with Tash’s strong return, however, Muhammad Abdo insisted that he (annoyed) us with his strange statements, as usual. There are celebrities, no matter how famous they are, but they have an inferiority complex that is difficult to give up and always … Read more

A poet sends an angry message to Saudi singer Muhammad Abdo, “You are a big, shameful man.”

Commenting on the statements made by the Saudi singer Muhammad Abdo, in which he said, “If Egypt is the mother of the Saudi world, its father,” the lyricist Muhammad Atef sent a comment and an angry message to the Saudi singing star, Muhammad Abdo, through his page on the social networking site “Facebook” in which … Read more

“You Want Me to Give You About”…Watch…a satirical imitation of the artists “Mohammed Abdo and Ayed Al-Qarni” on stage

Al-Marsad Newspaper: A video clip documented a satirical imitation of the artist, Mohamed Abdo, and the artist, Ayed Al-Qarni, in the first episode of the Brodcat series. And the representative of the artist, Muhammad Abdo, appeared and said: “May God bless you all with goodness,” to which the representative of the artist, Ayed Al-Qarni, replied: … Read more