AUNO Abogados – Continue training as a lawyer

Point In the described scenario, and with the few guarantees of certainty that this reality between provisional and definitive presents us, we decided to get into the eye of the storm, and carry out a survey among more than one hundred professionals from different extractions to know their expectations, anxieties and training needs in the … Read more

José María Rocalba Méndez – Monereo Meyer Abogados

José María Rocalba is responsible for the Insolvency Area. Lawyer and bankruptcy administrator. He specializes in bankruptcy law, litigation, commercial law, general conditions of international contracting and company restructuring. Member of the Insolvency Section of the Barcelona Bar Association (ICAB). He has also served as a speaker for the Master’s degree in Bankruptcy Law at … Read more

Brexit – JR Correas Abogados

I am an EU citizen residing in the UK.How will Brexit affect me?As of February 1, 2020, the UK is no longer part ofThe EU. The EU and the UK have negotiated the terms of thewithdrawal from the United Kingdom, commonly referred to as the ‘withdrawal ‘or’ Brexit deal ‘. According to it, the Law … Read more