Dyson released the “strongest in history” new product, which can absorb viruses | TechNews Technology News

Dyson China released the strongest wireless vacuum cleaner to date on the 21st: G5 Detect (the model in other regions is V15 Detect), redefining “the strongest vacuum cleaner in history”. How strong is the strongest suction? What defines the strongest? For vacuum cleaners, it’s the motor. The Dyson vacuum cleaner digital motor is the heart, … Read more

“First step for living photovoltaics”, the Swiss study on bacteria that absorb carbon nanotubes

A real solution to the ongoing energy crisis and efforts against climate change. This is the path that seems to suggest a study by researchers from the Federal Polytechnic School of Lausanne (École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne), in Switzerland, the results of which were published in an article on Nature Nanotechnology. Some bacteria have been … Read more

These algae-based bio-panels absorb CO2 and produce energy

Image d’illustration — Diyana Dimitrova / Shutterstock.com The Mexican start-up Greenfluidics has unveiled its innovative bio-panels. Composed of microalgae bioreactors and nanofluids, they absorb carbon dioxide and generate energy. An innovative approach Limit the global warming requires the gradual abandonment of fossil fuels in favor of more environmentally friendly sources and the development of infrastructures … Read more

The body does not absorb protein in meat substitutes as well – New Scientist

The small intestine absorbs the proteins in meat substitutes less well into the bloodstream than proteins from chicken breast. This is what American food scientists concluded after growing intestinal tissue in the lab.

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Australian Company Chooses Batam to Expand Business, Invest IDR 3.5 Trillion, Absorb Three Thousand Workers

BATAM, TRIBUNBATAM.id – Kota BatamRiau Islands Province (Kepri) became the company’s choice of origin Australia to set up his business. No kidding, an investment of Rp 3.5 trillion was disbursed with an estimate of absorbing three thousand workers. PT Blue Steel Industries, the name of the company will stand on 60 hectares. The location is … Read more

League best player Holeš: I feel like I’m done. We still absorb disappointment. A foreigner attracts him, but …

Would you trade this victory in the poll for a title? Definitely. The price would have taken me far better if we had the title. This one is bitter. But I’m still happy for this award. I respect him, especially when the best player is chosen by league coaches and captains. Were you surprised that … Read more

These Microbes Absorb Methane and Convert It To Electricity

In an effort to absorb methane, researchers in the Netherlands have been exploring a somewhat unconventional form of power generation. This power plant uses microbes. “This could be very useful for the energy sector,” said Radboud University microbiologist Cornelia Welte SciencealertAhad (17/4/2022). “In current biogas installations, methane is produced by microorganisms and then burned, which … Read more

Absorb the abyss of misfortune: 3 signs of the zodiac will overwhelm the fateful changes in the coming days

Dashing changes will swirl 3 signs of the zodiac at once, which were designated by astrologers. In the next three days of April, representatives of this sign should be extremely careful and prudent in life. The abyss of misfortune can swallow these people very soon. In the tenth of April, Taurus stars are advised to … Read more