Trump and Biden offer different varieties of the same nonsense | Opinion

Pope Francis must be watching a lot of news on American television these days. “Political life is no longer about healthy debates about long-term plans to improve people’s lives and advance the common good, but only about clever marketing techniques aimed primarily at discrediting others,” he recently wrote in his encyclical All brothers. The same … Read more

Instead of a mask, she put on … panties. “Absurd chases absurdity”

Due to the coronavirus epidemic, the government has imposed restrictions in stores for several months. One of them is the obligation to wear a protective mask. SEE: Bodnar: I warned you that the mask regulations are flawed. The government didn’t do anything about it However, there are people who deny the threat and consider the … Read more

Trzaskowski and Ho³ownia in one voice about the attempt to denounce the Istanbul Convention. “Scandal”, “absurdity” | Policy

On Monday, to the Polish idea rz±duto terminate the Istanbul Conventionformer presidential candidates commented: Rafał Trzaskowski i Szymon Ho³ownia. Also read: Bodnar on the Istanbul Convention: Shame to withdraw from this. It is about absolutely fundamental value Trzaskowski: An attempt to denounce the convention is a scandal I see that, as announced, the rulers want … Read more