The rise of the Abu Dhabi Stock Exchange to exceed 2 trillion dirhams.. Bahrain is a holiday on the occasion of Ashura

The Gulf stock exchanges rose during Monday’s trading session, as the general index of the Saudi stock market “TASI” rose 0.66%, gaining 80.45 points, to close at 12,297.29 points, and the FADAX 15 index on the Abu Dhabi Stock Exchange jumped, by 2,085%, winning 31.04 points, to close at the level of 12,297.29 points. At … Read more

The story of wisdom: Abu Nawas found a bag of money, but this reward was received from the owner – At one time the country of Baghdad was experiencing a period of famine, many farms failed and the market was empty of buyers. Of course this condition greatly affects the people, many people who experience difficulties are no exception Abu Nawas. He and his wife sometimes had to fast because there was no … Read more

Because of his ingenuity, Abu Nawas managed to make the King Harun Ar Rasyid have to kiss the chicken’s ass

BondowosoNetwork.Com – One day the king Harun Ar Rashid was furious with his actions Abu Nawas. Several times the king was embarrassed by Abu Nawas in front of government officials. Then a feeling of revenge appeared in his heart, the king made a trap to avenge the deed Abu Nawas. As always if Abu Nawas … Read more

Bodybuilder Stephen Abu Rashid, nicknamed “The Werewolf”: I will participate in the world championships… I will bear the costs and look for sponsorship

Subscribe to Al Diyar YouTube channel for free GB Bodybuilder Stephen Abu Rashid continues his preparations to participate in the World Championships in Natural Bodybuilding, which will be held in Dubai (United Arab Emirates) on the 10th of next September, with his eyes directed towards climbing to the podium again. Abu Rashid, 25 years old, … Read more

Updated RMR Rules for 2022/2023 Season & CS:GO Tournament in Abu Dhabi

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How Abu Nawas Worked on Fake Shamans, The Medical Money That Was Already Paid Back Again, Makes You Laugh – Now it’s viral in Indonesia, the demolition of tricks done by fake shaman in deceiving their victims. Lie fake shaman which is considered to be under the guise of religion, was revealed by a magician known as the Red Magician. Red Magician deliberately revealed because of a lot fake shaman who use sick … Read more

“Abu Dhabi reception” .. the frequency of the new Abu Dhabi channels that carry the Italian League .. the frequency of the channel

“Abu Dhabi Reception” .. The frequency of the new Abu Dhabi channels that carry the Italian League .. The frequency of the new Abu Dhabi Drama channel on Nilesat 2022. The Abu Dhabi Sports Channel is one of the most important sports channels in the Arab world in general, which enjoys great success and fame … Read more

The secrets and secrets of the night that Ahmed Abu Hashima met with Yasmine Sabry after the divorce.. What he did will not believe your mind!

2022/08/02 It’s 01:40 PM Island Bay | Follow Favorite The name of the Egyptian artist Yasmine Sabry and businessman Ahmed Abu Hashima was released on social media, after news of their meeting spread for the first time, about two months after the separation, after they attended the star Amr Diab’s concert on the North Coast. … Read more

The Moment of Abu Bakar Ba’asyir Acknowledging Pancasila as the Basic State of the State

Jakarta – The founder of the Al-Mukmin Islamic Boarding School, Ngruki, Sukoharjo, Abu Bakar Ba’asyir recognized Pancasila as the foundation of the Indonesian state. Abu Bakar Ba’asyir also admitted that he used to think Pancasila was shirk, but now his views have changed. As uploaded by one of the Facebook accounts, Monday (1/8), Ustaz Abu … Read more