London. Pedophile who preyed on nearly 200 children sexually abused and murdered in prison

London.- A London man accused of abusing almost 200 children and it was considered ‘the worst pedophile’ He was sexually abused and murdered in the prison where he was serving his sentence, allegedly by another inmate. Apparently the inmate wanted make Richard Huckle feel what his victims suffered. Paul ‘N’ was locked up since 2009 … Read more

Daughters abused for years | Hesse

Wiesbaden– Patrick F. enters the external courtroom of the Wiesbaden Regional Court without covering his face. The defendant in the Bergisch Gladbach abuse complex wears a wine-red shirt, dark trousers and white mouth and nose protection. The Wiesbaden district court yesterday imposed a 13-year prison sentence on the 39-year-old. It also orders the subsequent placement … Read more

“It is not only the will of men to abuse, but also the position of women to be abused”

During the day this Monday the President Sebastián Piñera promulgated the Gabriela Law. The initiative classifies as femicide the murder of a woman by her partner or former partner without living together. The new standard is inspired by Gabriela Alcaíno (17) and her mother Carolina Donoso (53). The aforementioned women died after being stabbed by … Read more

Patrol officers abused authority in the Ordóñez case: Attorney General

Despite the fact that the disciplinary hearing carried out by the Attorney General’s Office against patrolmen Harby Rodríguez and Juan Camilo Lloreda for the disciplinary charges of homicide and abuse of authority through arbitrary and unjust act, it was suspended for next October 5, The Public Ministry established that the uniformed men abused their authority … Read more

Piñera: “It is not only the will of men to abuse, but also that of women to be abused” | Society

President Sebastián Piñera at a conference at the Palacio de La Moneda in Santiago, on December 23.Marcelo Hernandez / Getty Images Six days’ walk through the International Women’s Day, the first of a series of mobilizations scheduled for March amid social unrest, the president Sebastian Piñera the Chilean feminist movement has been overtaken. In a … Read more

The controversial saying of Sebastián Piñera: “It is not only the will of men to abuse, but also the position of women to be abused” | Video

Posted at 15:20 ET (19:20 GMT) Tuesday, March 3, 2020 Playing 0:42 Posted at 12:07 ET (16:07 GMT) Friday, September 25, 2020 1:09 Posted at 14:27 ET (18:27 GMT) Thursday, September 3, 2020 3:05 Posted at 12:46 ET (16:46 GMT) Wednesday, September 2, 2020 0:51 Posted at 15:23 ET (19:23 GMT) Tuesday, September 1, 2020 … Read more

To jail 3 church pastors who would have abused as a girl

This was established by the Office of the Attorney General of the Nation, who did believe the girl, unlike what her own mother did, who doubted what the youngest said since 2017 and refused to report this case of sexual abuse before the authorities. The investigation of the Prosecutor’s Office allowed the Promiscuous Municipal Court … Read more

Paris Hilton revealed that five of her exes abused her

American model, businesswoman and DJ Paris Hilton made a heartbreaking revelation about her turbulent love life. Hilton, a native of New York, revealed in her new YouTube series This is Paris that five of her exes abused her. In the production, which will be released on September 14, Hilton will give details of his life … Read more