Andrzej Nejman accused of abuses at the Kwadrat Theatre. A surprising turnaround

Andrzej Nejman does not intend to resign from the position of director of the Kwadrat Theatre. The actor’s name was on the list of people applying for this position in the competition announced by the Warsaw City Hall. Andrew Nejman He was appointed director of the Kwadrat Theater in 2010. The actor found a new … Read more

Minister can intervene more quickly in case of abuses at schools | News item

News item | 06-06-2023 | 12:44 From next school year, Minister Dennis Wiersma (Primary and Secondary Education) will have more options to intervene in the event of serious abuses in schools. Today the Senate approved the bill ‘Expansion of administrative tools for education’, in which this is laid down. This new law gives the minister … Read more

Migrant abuses are a risk to democracy – Annalisa Camilli

He now lives in Wellington, New Zealand: it took him some time to get back to a daily life similar to that of most people. After six years in an Australian aliens detention center on Manus Island, Papua New Guinea, Behrouz Boochani’s eyes and mind were never the same. “The perception of time, for example, … Read more

ExMenudo Roy Roselló talks about the sexual abuse of José Menéndez

ExMenudo Roy Roselló talks about the sexual abuse of José Menéndez | People in spanish Skip to content Top Navigation Close this dialog window Discover People in Spanish Close this dialog window Share & More Close this dialog window View image ExMenudo Roy Roselló talks about the abuse he suffered as a teenager at the … Read more

Tranny dad abuses his daughter. He goes to the women’s prison and gets married

Who did it Paul Gauguinwhat man was hidden behind the painter, how much darkness did he let widen within himself? Gauguin – A life on the edge, broadcast on Sky Arte in the early evening of Monday 8 May, the 120th anniversary of the painter’s death, is not a celebratory work. Rather, it is an … Read more

Trial of false proxies in Neufchâteau: Dimitri Fourny, a ‘leader who abuses vulnerable people’, according to the prosecution

At the start of the afternoon, Dimitri Fourny’s lawyers spoke, reminding the court that two electoral lists were fighting at the time for the absolute majority of the nineteen seats at stake in the 2018 municipal election. . “Group leader in the Walloon parliament, Dimitri Fourny does not campaign, he is not in Neufchâteau, a … Read more

Ski in amnesty for work to eliminate building abuses, right to deduction of 50% and mobile bonuses?

The Scia in amnesty provided for by article 37 of Presidential Decree 380/2001 “Consolidated building text” is an authorization title that allows the regularization of building abuses. As regards the tax deduction for the implementation of the restructuring interventions for which the Scia is precisely necessary, the art. 49 of the same Consolidated Law establishes … Read more

Ubisoft Paris workers have publicly denounced alleged labor abuses and “crunch”

Ubisoft Paris workers make visible a reality of the industry that often tries to cover up Regarding the topic of crunchknown for labor exploitation in terms of work hours, the employees assure that those responsible for the company asked directly and bluntly work more hours for the development of Just Dance 2023. Specifically, these sessions … Read more

Fight against abuses in the Church. The Pope approved the new procedures

“The crimes of sexual abuse offend our Lord, causing physical, psychological and spiritual harm to the victims and harming the community of the faithful,” the pope wrote. The most important change in the document is the extension of the norms regarding the responsibility of bishops and other superiors of religious congregations In the updated version … Read more

In the name of God | In The Name Of God: A Holy Betrayal | Netflix premiere | documentary that denounces the abuses of religious cults in South Korea | SKIP-INTRO

“In God’s Name: Holy Betrayal” (In The Name Of God: A Holy Betrayal) is the name of the new documentary series that Netflix premiered on March 3, which tells the dark history of religious cults in South Korea. “This documentary series looks at the chilling true stories of four Korean leaders who claim to be … Read more