Migrants burn Trump figure to denounce abuses in Tijuana | What’s Up News

Tijuana (Mexico), Oct 31 (EFE) .- About 50 Mexican and Central American migrants gathered a few meters from the border wall that divides the United States and Mexico, in the Playas de Tijuana area, where they protested against police violence with the burning of two piñatas with the figures of the US President, Donald Trump, … Read more

Mexico: figure of Donald Trump burned to denounce abuses against migrants | The most important news and analysis in Latin America | DW

Mexican and Central American migrants, along with civil organizations, gathered this Saturday (10/31/2020) a few meters from the border wall that divides the United States and Mexico, in the Playas de Tijuana area, where they protested against police violence with the burning two piñatas with the figures of US President Donald Trump and a police … Read more

The IACHR visited Antofagasta and learned of the serious cases of human rights abuses and violations

In the framework of the “on-site visit” (on-site observation) being carried out in the country, a mission from the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights visited the city of Antofagasta to hold meetings with civil society organizations. In this way, the Antofagasta Regional Library was the place where the IACHR team was able to verify the … Read more

In the magnifying glass of the Attorney General’s Office are alleged police abuses of September

The investigations link events that caused the death of Jaider Alexander Castillo, Julieth Ramírez Meza, Germán Smith Puentes, Andrés Felipe Rodríguez, Fredy Alexander Mahecha, Angie Paola Baquero, Mauricio González, Cristian Camilo Hernández, Lorwan Stiven Mendoza, Anthony Gabriel Estrada Espinosa and Cristian Andrés Hurtado, and, in addition, the trial continues in the case of Javier Humberto … Read more

Human Rights Watch denounces abuses against returnees

(Crédito: Human Rights Watch). (CNN Español)–– Daniel Jesús González has spent several days trying to leave the Venezuelan crisis behind, as he affirms that on the other side of the border he sees a better future. He says he had returned to Venezuela after the crisis unleashed by the pandemic affected his job options in … Read more

Police abuses Bogotá: They issue an arrest warrant against police officers involved in the case of Javier Ordóñez | Judicial

A municipal criminal judge with the Guarantee Control Function of Bogotá ordered the arrests of two members of the Police involved in the death of engineer and law student Javier Ordóñez, registered at dawn on September 9, in Bogotá. It’s about the uniformed Harby Rodriguez Diaz Y Juan Camilo Lloreda Cubillos. The Prosecutor’s Office requested … Read more

Neymar abuses Bolivia and beats Adama’s dribbling record

Neymar feels strong, he feels inspired and last night Bolivia paid for it. Brazil beat the Andean team 5-0. The PSG player arrived touched, with back problems, but they did not seem to affect him in the least. Playing as a midfielder he was a constant martyrdom and, although he did not sin from individualism, … Read more

Protests | The IACHR condemns police abuses in Colombia – Latin America – International

The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) rejected and condemned this morning the police attacks that occurred in the last hours in the country, especially those related to the lawyer’s case Javier Ordóñewith. “The @CIDH emphatically condemns cases of police brutality and abuse. According to public information, on # 8Sept Javier Ordoñez died, as a … Read more

Paris Hilton reveals the abuses suffered in adolescence: “Continuous torture in boarding school”

23 August 2020 17:31 Heiress speaks for the first time of 11 months spent in a Utah facility: “That place wasn’t a school” The great-granddaughter of the “king of hotels” Conrad Hilton told the magazine People of life in New York, of the constant escapes, of the love for nightlife and of the parents’ decision … Read more

Telephone canvassing: abuses more severely punished

EMS-FORSTER-PRODUCTIONS via Getty ImagesAll the parliamentary groups had highlighted the “scourge” of canvassing which “poisons the lives” of the French. (illustration photo) SOLVING – The new law against abusive telephone canvassing has been promulgated, punishing more severely the deviations and even prohibiting any telephone prospecting for energy renovation work. This centrist bill was definitively adopted … Read more