Applications for breast cancer studies increase by up to 50 percent

In the last two months, requests for studies such as mammograms and breast ultrasound to detect breast cancer have increased by up to 50 percent, reported those in charge of performing these analyzes. The mobile vehicle that is installed outside the State Cancer Institute on Ruiz Cortines Avenue shines every day with long lines of … Read more

Free textbooks for telesecundarias could arrive this week

The missing textbooks for telesecundarias are expected to arrive this week, confirmed the delegate of the Educational Services of the Acapulco-Coyuca Region, Mario Rosario Beltrán. The official recalled that this teaching material should have been sent already, but it was delayed and they still do not receive it in the warehouses. However, he clarified that … Read more

Cobach joins actions to combat and prevent breast cancer

The Colegio de Bachilleres de Guerrero joined the efforts and actions in favor of health to combat breast cancer. The general director of the Colegio de Bachilleres in the state, Fermín Alvarado Arroyo, said that it seeks to raise awareness about the importance of early detection, in order to improve the prognosis and survival of … Read more

Tourists enjoy their last holiday weekend – Noticieros Televisa

In the last weekend of vacation in Acapulco, the Beaches they look full and hotels report an occupancy of over 90 percent. We recommend you: Acapulco without cigarette butts; authorities promote collection program Hundreds of tourists say goodbye to holidays next to peaceful, rested to return to your daily activities full of energy. Basically it … Read more

From the contagion of COVID-19 to Acapulco: Andrea Legarreta and his family traveled to the port

Andrea Legarreta traveled to Acapulco in the company of his family (IG: andrealegarreta)Weeks after having rid of COVID-19, the host Andrea Legarreta and her family decided to spend a few days in the port of Acapulco. Last Friday the presenter of Today shared a photo posing on a terrace and accompanied it with the message: … Read more

Chespirito off the air: And now, who can defend the fans?

Millions of viewers around the world woke up over the weekend without seeing for the first time, after 49 years, a chapter of El Chavo del 8, El Chapulín Colorado, the Chifladitos and other characters devised by the late Mexican actor and director Roberto Gómez Bolaños. “This is the number one program on humorous television,” … Read more

Acapulco Shore 7 chapter 9: Celia did what she likes best

This new chapter of Acapulco Shore started with tense moments starring Mane and Dania, but as the minutes passed, things calmed down. The participants of the reality show were in the cantina, where they were received by the band El Recodo, who together with Jawy, Potro and Tadeo sang Jey the ‘vergamuerta’, a situation that … Read more

VIDEO: Señor Barriga shares a forgotten scene from ‘Chavo del 8’ in Acapulco

It was the only time it was filmed on location and the last time the full cast of the series met. A forgotten scene from ‘El Chavo del 8’, filmed in 1977, has been published on the networks and retweeted by one of the actors in the program, Edgar Vivar, known for embodying Mr. Barriga … Read more

Government is asking visitors to reschedule travel to Acapulco

Beaches, hotels, restaurants and theme parks are closed; it is possible that from next month will reopen gradually some of the activities. Photo: Cuartoscuro ACAPULCO, Guerrero Before the high number of hiv infections that were recorded in Acapulco, port authorities called national and international tourists to postpone their visits to that tourist destination and so … Read more