Crisis in Venezuela: why Maduro’s regional loneliness is accentuated

The president of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, only has two great allies in the region: Cuba and Nicaragua Credit: DPA CARACAS.- Nothing remains of the days of wine, roses and petrodollars, when Chavismo extended its hegemonic plan for which it had the unconditional support of a large number of allies, partners and friends. Argentina’s vote in … Read more

San Borja Hospital carried out the third day of operations to address the waiting list accentuated by pandemic

In order to address the New Specialty Consultation Waiting List, the San Borja Arriarán Clinical Hospital (HCSBA), in conjunction with the Primary Care Directorate and the Central Metropolitan Health Service (SSMC), carried out the third operation of “The Specialist in your Office” and, adding to the resolution strategy, It is the first Saturday that the … Read more