The demand for an increase in maintenance should have been accepted because the participation of the pensioner defendant as a lawyer in various lawsuits was proven and it must be presumed that he obtained fees for such action.

The Supreme Court accepted the appeal on the merits filed by the plaintiff against the sentence that, confirming the first degree, partially accepted the demand for increased food. The above, given that after the alimony was set, the defendant obtained the title of lawyer, participating in a legal study. In this way, by considering the … Read more

Piñera promulgates the Chilean Antarctic Statute: “It maintains full sovereignty and assumes all the international obligations that Chile has accepted”

He President Sebastián Piñera this day promulgated the bill that gives the country a new Chilean Antarctic Statute. The initiative that spent six years in Congress, it was finally dispatched on August 4 by Parliament. In this way it became a kind of response to the approval last July by Argentina of two bills that … Read more

Government “values” that the Senate has unanimously accepted Piñera’s letter to the Supreme Court | National

This Thursday afternoon, with 41 votes in favor and none against, the Senate gave the green light to the nomination by President Sebastián Piñera of Adelita Ravanales Arriagada to form the Supreme Court. After hearing the news, the Minister of Justice, Hernán Larraín, said that as a Government they value “This fact of a unanimous … Read more

Supreme Court accepted appeal against Isapre Cruz Blanca who denied membership due to pre-existing illness – Radio Nuevo Mundo

In an unpublished ruling, the Supreme Court accepted a protection appeal presented by the academic Carolina Lagos against Isapre Cruz Blanca, a company that denied her membership for presenting a pre-existing disease, an act that the sentence qualified as illegal. Luis Cuello, lawyer sponsoring the action, explained that the highest court unanimously revoked the sentence … Read more

President Piñera accepted the resignation of Lucía Pinto to the Municipality of Coquimbo

President Sebastián Piñera accepted the resignation of Lucía Pinto as the mayor of Coquimbo, in the middle of the case called Papaya Gate. “The President of the Republic, Sebastián Piñera, accepted the resignation of the former authority and will announce his successor in the coming days. The government recognizes and values ​​your commitment to public … Read more

NATO announced that Greece and Turkey would dialogue to de-escalate tensions in the Eastern Mediterranean, but Athens denied having accepted the proposal.

Greek and French ships during military exercises in the Mediterranean Sea on August 13 (Greek Ministry of Defense via AFP) The tension between Greece and Turkey over the claims of both nations over areas of the Eastern Mediterranean go through hours of diplomatic uncertainty: in the afternoon, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) announced that … Read more

Donald Trump accepted the Republican candidacy for the US presidency: “This is the most important election in the history of our country”

Donald Trump during his acceptance speech at the Republican convention. REUTERS / Kevin LamarqueUS President Donald Trump on Thursday accepted the Republican Party’s nomination to run for a second and final presidential term in the November 3 elections, in which he will face the Democratic candidate, former Vice President Joe Biden. From the South Lawn … Read more

Ramón Alburquerque clarifies that he never accepted Abinader’s appointment

The leader of the Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM), Ramón Alburquerque, said that he did not accept the appointment made by President Luis Abinader to administer the Hydroelectric Generation Company (Egehid). With a message on his Twitter account, the former president of the Senate of the Republic announced that he never accepted since that was not … Read more

Between the Drive and the Show: How was the Night Joe Biden Officially Accepted the Democratic Nomination

Joe Biden (REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque)The fourth and last night of the Democratic national convention began with a video of the most relevant figures of the party throughout the country, from mayors to congressmen, through all the primary candidates talking about how they will be in a year, to close with Kamala Harris saying that “by now … Read more

New development in the murder of Pınar Gültekin! Exercise report and HTS request of family lawyer accepted

The lawyer of the Gültekin family Rezan EpözdemirThe objection filed after the attorney general’s requests regarding the camera recording, HTS signal analysis and exercise reports regarding the incident were rejected, Mugla 2. It was evaluated by the Criminal Judgeship of Peace. The court, which deemed the objection appropriate, ruled that the examination and camera recording … Read more