Donald Trump accepted the Republican candidacy for the US presidency: “This is the most important election in the history of our country”

Donald Trump during his acceptance speech at the Republican convention. REUTERS / Kevin LamarqueUS President Donald Trump on Thursday accepted the Republican Party’s nomination to run for a second and final presidential term in the November 3 elections, in which he will face the Democratic candidate, former Vice President Joe Biden. From the South Lawn … Read more

Ramón Alburquerque clarifies that he never accepted Abinader’s appointment

The leader of the Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM), Ramón Alburquerque, said that he did not accept the appointment made by President Luis Abinader to administer the Hydroelectric Generation Company (Egehid). With a message on his Twitter account, the former president of the Senate of the Republic announced that he never accepted since that was not … Read more

Between the Drive and the Show: How was the Night Joe Biden Officially Accepted the Democratic Nomination

Joe Biden (REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque)The fourth and last night of the Democratic national convention began with a video of the most relevant figures of the party throughout the country, from mayors to congressmen, through all the primary candidates talking about how they will be in a year, to close with Kamala Harris saying that “by now … Read more

New development in the murder of Pınar Gültekin! Exercise report and HTS request of family lawyer accepted

The lawyer of the Gültekin family Rezan EpözdemirThe objection filed after the attorney general’s requests regarding the camera recording, HTS signal analysis and exercise reports regarding the incident were rejected, Mugla 2. It was evaluated by the Criminal Judgeship of Peace. The court, which deemed the objection appropriate, ruled that the examination and camera recording … Read more

“If this law is accepted, it will calm the spirits”

Hunt While the law on hunting is struggling in the polls, Fabio Regazzi (PDC / TI), vice-president of ChasseSuisse, believes that this revision will make it possible to manage the “subtle balances of wildlife” with breeding and farming. pastoralism. For Fabio Regazzi (PDC / TI), “We basically pursue the same goals as the nature protection … Read more

A purchase offer for Brooks Brothers was accepted

Brooks Brothers – historic US menswear brand that has been controlled by Italian entrepreneur Claudio Del Vecchio since 2001 – said it had accepted a purchase offer of 325 million dollars (275 million euros) from US companies Authentic Brands Group and SPARC. Brooks Brothers, which has existed since 1818 and is known throughout the world, … Read more

Naima El Bezaz told the story of the second generation of Moroccan Dutch before it was accepted

“Is ‘depsive’ something Dutch, something European? Is that part of integration? ” said the mother figure in the short story ‘Taboo’ by Naima El Bezaz from 2007. The main character – an alter ego of the author – not only struggles with depressive complaints, but also with the great misunderstanding of mental illness in her … Read more