Musical education should be more easily accessible for more young people

A non-partisan one Motion called for the strengthening of musical education in the canton of Glarus. On the one hand, it aimed to lift the current restriction of financial support to students in compulsory schooling. On the other hand, she demanded that the canton should enable the music schools to set up income-related tariffs and … Read more

Erdogan calls on the G20 to make efforts to make the covid vaccine accessible to all

Riyadh, Nov 21 (EFE) .- The President of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, asked this Saturday in his speech at the G20 virtual summit an international effort to make future covid-19 vaccines accessible to the whole world. “We should offer the vaccines that are being developed as common heritage of humanity, instead of deepening the existing … Read more

PowerA presents the FUSION Pro for Xbox Series X / S, a more accessible alternative for professionals

The arrival of the new generation of Xbox consoles has not been a revolution in the accessory market. Both consoles are compatible with both Xbox One games and accessories. But the launch of a generation propels accessory makers to make new devices. If the other day we were talking about the Thrustmaster ESWAP X Pro, … Read more

The ONCE Social Group calls for telework to be “accessible” for people with disabilities | Leader in Social Information

In a meeting on ‘The telework revolution. How to combine the virtual and the face-to-face ‘, organized by the Servimedia agency, Durán discussed these issues with the president of Microsoft Spain, Pilar López. According to Durán, the implementation of teleworking must take into account “the accessibility of the tools, the worker’s previous training on new … Read more

PS5 has accessibility options for the visually and hearing impaired

When talking about PS5, it is impossible not to mention the list of video games, hardware, storage, among other features of the new Sony console. However, there are other functions that also deserve our attention, such as the accessibility that it has PlayStation 5 for people with visual disability Y auditory. Major companies in the … Read more

Producers ask the CAH for accessible credits – National

CARAPEGUÁ (Emilce Ramírez, from our regional newsroom). Borrowers of the Agricultural Habilitation Credit (CAH) asked the president of the credit entity César Cerini, more accessible and long-term financing to be able to develop investment projects in the field. It was during the delivery of a loan of G. 99,900,000 that the beneficiaries who work in … Read more

Brave announces TOR will be fully accessible – BeInCrypto

The Brave team announced that their websites and browser are now accessible in TOR and that users can create their own onion service. Brave, the popular privacy-focused browser, has made its websites available and downloadable on the Tor network on Oct. 5, the team announced via a blog post. Brave first integrated the routing service … Read more

3iQ’s Bitcoin Fund becomes more ‘accessible’ with listing on the Gibraltar Stock Exchange

Canadian investment fund manager 3iQ’s Bitcoin fund has been listed on the Gibraltar Stock Exchange, according to a press. launching published today. The firm hopes that with the listing of the regulated and listed Bitcoin fund on a European exchange, it will attract more retail investors from European markets, compared to its original investor base … Read more

The highlights of the Huawei Y8P, a new Smartphone fully accessible

* ADVERTISEMENT If you are looking for a new smartphone that makes your new lifestyle at home easier and more efficient, the new HUAWEI Y8p is an excellent choice. Its immersive screen is ideal for attending online courses, streaming videos, and playing video games. Their 48MP triple camera and 128GB storage make them the perfect … Read more

IFA 2020 – Panasonic Lumix S5: a smaller and more accessible full-frame hybrid for the L mount

4 Riding on the same wave as Nikon, Panasonic has just presented a new full-frame hybrid at “affordable” prices. The Lumix S5 is a subtle mix between the S1 and the S1H, in a more compact chassis and at less than 2,000 €. After having marketed their ranges of full-frame hybrid cameras, sometimes sold at … Read more