Xiaomi launches accessory set for iPhone 12 with Doraemon design

If you are a fan of anime and you just bought a iPhone 12, Apple phone that arrives without accessories such as charger and headphones, we have great news for you. A well-known company, in collaboration with Xiaomi, has launched its line inspired by Doraemon. It’s about the brand anchor, famous in the mobile device … Read more

Imminent arrival of the AirTags? They filter an accessory to wear it

Related news It is expected that at today’s Apple event we will finally see AirTags, Apple’s location devices so that we stop losing our things. A technology that will presumably arrive in Spain or this year or next, and that will use the same idea as Tile and its ‘stickers’ to find objects. Now seem … Read more

Apple’s design guidelines provide accessory manufacturers with specific details on making MagSafe products

Apple iPhone 12 models have a built-in ring of “MagSafe” magnets that make them compatible with magnetic accessories such as cases, chargers and wallets. Apple makes ‌MagSafe‌ accessories, but other companies can also design ‌MagSafe‌ products. As highlighted on Twitter, Apple has an accessory design guide [PDF] which details the types of magnets that accessory … Read more

Apple Updates its Accessory Design Guidelines with New MagSafe Details

All new iPhone 12 models come with MagSafe, which is a technology that uses magnets on the back of the phone to allow users to attach accessories to it. Apple today updated its Accessory Design Guidelines to include more details on how accessory manufacturers should implement MagSafe technology in their products. Apple has extensive Accessory … Read more

IPhone 12 Concept Video Turns Apple’s New Phone An Amazing Accessory

We already know a lot about the four iPhone 12 Apple’s models are scheduled to be unveiled on October 13, but there are always some surprises that weren’t leaked before the big day. As unlikely as it is, we hope that one of these surprises is similar to this concept that turns the iPhone 12 … Read more

Corsair comes with Touchbar-like accessory iCue Nexus

Back to the Logitech G15 era Corsair announces the iCue Nexus, an accessory reminiscent of a cross between Apple’s Touchbar and Elgato’s Stream Deck. If Apple’s Touchbar and Elgato’s Stream Deck had a baby, you would have the Corsair iCue Nexus. It is a narrow touchscreen that can be connected to your computer via USB. … Read more