GISMETEO: When will the Sun make the Earth uninhabitable? – Science and space

Astronomers monitor the position and movement of stars while also observing their brightness and spectral classification. Due to this, it is possible to determine their age. © The mass of the star remains unchanged, which cannot be said about the temperature. The latter is influenced by nuclear fusion. The temperature rises as the star … Read more

In the past 24 hours, 22 people were injured in road traffic accidents

In the past 24 hours, 103 road traffic accidents were registered in the country, in which 22 people were injured, the portal “Delfi” was informed by the State Police. Content will continue after the ad Advertising In total, 461 decisions on administrative violations were made in the field of road traffic, including 226 for speeding, … Read more

Destroyed houses and a bill of 250 thousand euros. Residents of a building that exploded in Alfama five years ago are still waiting for an outcome | Lisbon

The facade of the five-story building at number 59 of Rua dos Remédios, in the heart of Alfama, remains standing, but beyond that wall is a ruin and the despair of the residents who saw their houses completely destroyed on the 13th. August 2017, in a fire caused by a gas leak underground.

On Thursday, 27 people were injured in accidents, including ten cyclists

In the past 24 hours, 148 road traffic accidents were registered in Latvia, in which a total of 27 people were injured, the portal “Delfi” found out in the State Police (VP). Content will continue after the ad Advertising Most of the victims are the less vulnerable road users – ten cyclists, five electric scooter … Read more

GISMETEO: James Webb Telescope captures stunning image of the Cartwheel galaxy, revealing a violent past – Science and space

A stunning new image from the D. Webb Telescope captures the Cartwheel in surprising detail. The image, released on Aug. 2, provides an insight into the magnificent star system. © NASA, ESA, CSA, STScI The Cartwheel is a chaotic galaxy shrouded in hot dust, 500 million light-years from our planet. And behind it lies a … Read more

The death of Angelo Graceffa, city mourning was proclaimed in Aragona

The disappearance of Angelo Graceffa, a 39-year-old orthopedic doctor, who died following a road accident on the 115 state road in Sciacca – aboard his Ducati motorcycle on which he was traveling together with his 34-year-old partner Sofia Giummo and mother of 2 children (also died after the impact) – threw the entire community of … Read more

GISMETEO: Toyota will pay its customers for recalled electric vehicles – Auto

Japanese brand cars Toyota renowned throughout the world for their reliability and durability. For example, last year a pickup truck was discovered in the USA. Tacomawhose mileage was a fabulous 2.5 million kilometers, and the car continued to be operated by the owner. Now, however, something seems to have gone wrong for the Japanese as … Read more

passer-by (65) hit by iron ball

SQ Vision In cooperation with Broadcasting Brabant NOS News•Sunday, 13:08 During the Dutch Highland Games championship in Geldrop, Brabant, someone was killed this afternoon. The victim, a passer-by who was walking in the adjacent castle garden, was hit by an iron ball. It concerns a 65-year-old man from Geldrop. The Scottish Highland Games are games … Read more

Mandatory distance between cars and cyclists: Accidents have decreased slightly, but disputes continue

Nevertheless, overtaking cyclists with the legal distance has become a hot topic in recent weeks. The Minister of Transport, Martin Kupka (ODS), admitted that it was to be mitigated. Newly, drivers would not have to maintain almost any distance when overtaking at a lower speed, they would only follow the rule of safe overtaking. The … Read more

GISMETEO: New photos of Juno show mesmerizing storms raging at Jupiter’s North Pole – Science and space

On July 5, NASA’s Juno spacecraft circled Jupiter in 43, capturing an amazing photograph of the planet. Thanks to him, you can look at the North Pole with swirling cyclones that literally “churn” the atmosphere. © NASA The photo was taken while the Juno was at an altitude of 25.1 thousand km above the Jovian … Read more