Nordex (ACCIONA) optimizes the annual energy production of legacy turbines with vortex generators – ENERGIA LIMPIA XXI

CLEAN ENERGY XXI. Hamburg, November 2020. The Nordex Group has optimized the aerodynamics of the rotor blades of a total of 80 N100 / 2500 wind turbines for long-time Turkish customer Eksim. By installing the vortex generators, the power output of the previous generation turbines will increase by up to 2%. The Nordex Group offers … Read more

Post-covid urban mobility

Barcelona ranks 52 of the world’s cities with the highest traffic density in percentage terms and it is the Spanish city with the worst circulation, according to the ‘Inrix 2019 Traffic Scorecard Report’. The people of Barcelona, ‚Äč‚Äčthis same study highlights, lost nothing more and nothing less than 78 hours in traffic jams in 2019, … Read more