Scientific societies ask to accompany the purchase of a vaccine for covid-19 in Colombia – Health

This weekend, 13 unions and scientific societies issued a statement in which They ask government entities to be taken into account in the selection process of the vaccines against covid-19 that the country will acquire and, at the same time, they reject the claim to exempt the pharmaceutical industry from liability for potential adverse effects … Read more

Trump would accompany Giuliani at event in Pennsylvania

Biden’s transition, without official recognition of Trump 6:19 (CNN) — US President Donald Trump would join his lawyer Rudy Giuliani on Wednesday in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, where Republican state lawmakers will hold a “hearing” on the fraud allegations in this month’s election, two told CNN. sources familiar with the plans. Trump expressed keen interest in joining … Read more

Accompany the Coronela before the Portal of Santa Madrona

The Museu Marítim de Barcelona offers a recreation of the ceremony that the popular militia carried out to open this access to the wall. On the first, third and fourth Sunday of the month, Historical Recreation Association of the Colonel of Barcelona housing the opening of the Jardines del Baluarte and Portal de Santa Madrona, … Read more

ILE Protocol: Rodríguez Larreta will not veto it and launches measures to accompany pregnant women

Horacio Rodríguez Larreta announced tonight that he will not veto the adherence to the national protocol of Legal Interruption of Pregnancy approved weeks ago by the Buenos Aires Legislature, will regulate some aspects of it, and will launch a series of measures to avoid unwanted pregnancies and guarantee contraceptive methods. Through a message on his … Read more

Three Spider-Man movies will arrive in a Blu-Ray pack to PS5 to accompany the launch of Miles Morales

A new pack of 4K Blu-Ray movies for PS5 will arrive in November consisting of three great Spider-Man films with the aim of promoting the launch of the game on the console. November has been positioned as one of the best months for Spider-Man lovers. PS5 receives Marvel’s Spider-Man Miles Morales as a launch game … Read more

General Óscar Atehortúa says that police will accompany peaceful marches without weapons

General Óscar Atehortúa, director of the National Police, spoke with Noticias Caracol about the marches that are planned for next week and the actions taken by the institution due to complaints against patrols during the demonstrations that took place recently. The senior official reminded the people who go out to march that the country is … Read more

Forgiveness of the King of Thailand to the Ex-Concubine to Accompany Himself in Germany

Bangkok – Former concubine of the King of Thailand, Maha Vajiralongkorn received forgiveness from the king after being revoked his title because he was considered unfaithful. Former concubine then flown to Germany to join the King who was in isolation during the Corona virus pandemic (COVID-19). As reported New York Post and The Scottish Sun, … Read more

There’s a new favorite to accompany Biden in the White House election: Karen Bass | USA Elections 2020

With the Democratic Party convention getting closer, the announcement of Joe Biden’s choice of vice president is expected at any time. Right, for now, is that the choice will fall under a woman, as the Democratic candidate announced as early as March, and it appears that black. Continue reading .

Portaltic.-Microsoft identifies the CCleaner application as “potentially unwanted” by the installers that accompany it

MADRID, 30 Jul. (Portaltic/EP) – Microsoft has alerted about the application CCleaner, which identifies as “potentially unwanted“for being accompanied by installers from other software vendors that may display malicious behavior on users’ computers. CCleaner is a free application designed to improve the performance of computers by removal of temporary files, tracking cookies and other junk … Read more

a 20 W charger to accompany the new range?

L’iPhone 12 could have a 20 W charger. At least that is what battery certification documents suggest for the different variants of this next generation iPhone. As we get closer to the presentation of the iPhone 12, the leaks and rumors around this new range of iOS smartphones are intensifying. Indeed, Apple’s next keynote should normally … Read more