Ryan Reynolds celebrates all he has accomplished in the year since the launch of MintMobile

Ryan Reynolds is best known for his acting career, especially for playing Deadpool, but the actor also has some business ventures under his belt. Not only does he own Aviation Gin, but last year he also became the owner of MintMoble. In that time, he appears to have had some major successes with the release … Read more

Artemio López: “Duhalde knows enough about institutional coups”

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Football: mission accomplished for Lausanne-Sport

This promotion will have taken a long time to materialize, it is finally confirmed. As in 2016, Lausanne is crowned champion of the second national division and will return to the Super League. And let it last … After two years of purgatory, Lausanne-Sport is back! Thursday night at Colovray, the Blues and Whites validated … Read more