Ticker on the Ukraine war: Russia accuses Kyiv of shelling a hospital IOC and Ukraine are at odds over Russian athletes taking part in the Olympics

Yesterday, 05:34 Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has reiterated his country’s need for more arms supplies beyond the now-pledged main battle tanks. “Russian aggression can only be stopped with adequate weapons,” said Zelensky in his evening video address on Thursday. According to its own statements, Ukraine also needs combat aircraft to defend itself against the Russian … Read more

A Bahraini human rights organization accuses the FIA ​​of “suppressing drivers’ freedom of expression,” and the latter responds to CNN

New York, USA (CNN) – A human rights organization in Bahrain has accused the International Automobile Federation, the governing body for motorsport, of “suppressing drivers’ freedom of expression,” after banning political statements ahead of the new Formula 1 racing season. On Tuesday, the Bahrain Institute for Rights and Democracy (BIRD) questioned the federation’s commitment to … Read more

Pamela Anderson accuses fellow actor of exposure

Actor Pamela Anderson (55) has made a number of headlines in the media during his career. – Was completely destroyed This time it is her upcoming autobiography, “Love, Pamela” that is causing a stir. SCANDAL: In the nineties, a sex tape of Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee was leaked, now the sex scandal is becoming … Read more

Russian Intel Accuses Ukraine of Deploying US HIMARS to Nuclear Plants

loading… Russian intelligence services accuse Ukraine of deploying a US-supplied advanced HIMARS rocket system to the Rivne nuclear power plant (NPP) site. Photo/REUTERS MOSCOW – Foreign Intelligence Service Russia (SVR) accused Ukraine of deploying an advanced rocket system HIMARS United States (US) supply to nuclear power plant (NPP) Rivne. Apart from HIMARS, said SVR, other … Read more

Designer accuses Miss Venezuela of plagiarizing one of her dresses

Venezuela. After being one of the finalists of miss Universethe representative of Venezuela, Amanda Dudamelis accused by the designer Samy Gicherman of having plagiarized the design she used for the famous beauty contest. In interview for ‘The fat and the skinny’Gicherman expressed that it was a complete surprise to see that the model was wearing … Read more

LIVE | Lithuania indirectly accuses German chancellor of fear of defeating Russia | War Ukraine

– Russia will hold an army exercise with China and South Africa next month. The Russian Foreign Minister is in Pretoria today to make agreements about this. His South African colleague Pandor defends the exercise: ‘It is part of the natural course of our relationship’. – Ukrainian President Zelensky has a deputy minister dismissed due … Read more

Patricia, Cristiano’s sister-in-law, accuses Georgina Rodríguez of not helping her nephews in need of food

2023-01-19 Georgina Rodríguez, who in 2023 is starting another stage in her new home in Saudi Arabia, has captured the attention of the public and not precisely because of something she did or said, but because of her older sister, Patricia, who claimed to be bankrupt and Now she asks for help to be able … Read more

Iranian general accuses Saudi royal family of Jewish descent

Jakarta, CNNIndonesia — Marine Commander IranGeneral Alireza Tangsiri, said the royal family Arab Saudi is currently of Jewish descent. Tangsiri said the Saudis were the same Jews who opposed the Prophet Muhammad in Arabia at that time. ADVERTISEMENT SCROLL TO RESUME CONTENT This statement was made by Tangsiri in a speech on January 7, 2022 … Read more

Medvedev mocks Japan for daring not to hold accountable for nuclear bombing; U.S. accuses Kishida of being a servant of the U.S. and lacking in Bushido spirit | Blog post

January 15, 2023 12:03 Last Update: 12:13 The US-Japan summit meeting was recently held, and the two sides agreed to strengthen defense cooperation, which provoked Russian Federal Security Council Vice Chairman Dmitry Medvedev to reprimand Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida for committing seppuku for national humiliation. Biden and Kishida claimed that Russia’s use of nuclear … Read more

Russia accuses Armenia of disrupting peace talks with Azerbaijan

On Thursday, Russia accused Armenia of disrupting peace talks with Azerbaijan, once again confirming the serious deterioration of relations between Moscow and Yerevan. Negotiations between Yerevan and Baku over Nagorno-Karabakh, which is internationally recognized as Azerbaijani territory but is actually under Armenian control, have been going on for months. In December, Azerbaijanis posing as environmental … Read more