Events.- A minor was arrested for falsely accusing another of stealing his mobile to collect insurance

VALENCIA, 22 (EUROPA PRESS) Agents of the National Police have detained a 16-year-old minor in Valencia as the alleged perpetrator of a simulation crime by denouncing that his mobile phone had been stolen with violence and falsely accusing another minor of it. Likewise, he is charged with an attempted fraud crime, since the complainant made … Read more

Booba severely insults La Fouine accusing him of being responsible for the defeat of PSG

After his recent clash with Kalash Criminel, his reaction to the announcement of the unpublished featuring to come between Gims and Kaaris on the latter’s new opus then his support for the young singer Wejdene, Booba once again tackled The Fouine following the Champions League match between the PSG and the Bayern Munich. Indeed in … Read more

Ahmed Saad’s fiancée after the new look .. flirting with him and accusing him of his beauty

The star Ahmed Saad shared his fans with a new block shaving his beard through his personal account “Instagram” and commented on it, “No, no Naima?”. It is noteworthy that the artist “Ahmed Saad” celebrated the great success he achieved from the portal of the series “Al-Prince”, through a group of songs he participated in … Read more

Twitter to share names of women accusing Bieber of rape | NOW

The judge ordered Twitter to release the identities of the two women accusing Justin Bieber of rape, reports NBC. The singer denies involvement and demands that the social medium on which the allegations came out let us know who is behind these tweets. Bieber is allowed to sue Twitter from the judge to discover the … Read more