Achmad Purnomo is disappointed that it’s human

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – Chairman of the Branch Leadership Council (DPC) PDI Perjuangan Solo, FX Hadi Rudyatmo understand frustration Achmad Purnomo which failed to get a recommendation from the Central Leadership Council (DPP) PDI-P. Nevertheless, Rudy ensured that Purnomo would still be involved as the Raka-Teguh Prakosa Gibran Rakabuming Pair Winning Team. “Yes, it must … Read more

Purnomo Problem Possibly Going Forward Through Other Parties: Don’t Suppose If You Don’t Like It, Page all After not getting a recommendation from the PDI-P DPP, Purnomo still hasn’t determined its political steps. Purnomo was reluctant to discuss the possibility of staying ahead in the elections Solo 2020 through another party. “Don’t assume. I don’t think you can,” he said. Also read: Purnomo Not Offered Position by President Jokowi, They Talk … Read more