Cessation of activities, strike of Colombian soccer players: Nothing was saved! Hard criticism of Ricardo Ciciliano to Acolfutpro | sports

Tense days are lived around football professional Colombian because of the lack of dialogue between the representatives of the players, Dimayor and the Colombian Football Federation. Which triggered the cessation of activities of the football players professionals in the country. One of the ex football players who declared against this determination of the players was … Read more

Ricardo Ciciliano criticized the strike of Colombian footballers and Acolfutpro | Colombian Soccer | BetPlay League

The strike of footballers in Colombia, announced by Acolfutpro after Dimayor’s refusal to sit down to talk and negotiate a list of requests from the players, is imminent. This was announced by the union, ensuring that on November 2 there will be a cessation of activities for the last date of League II and the … Read more

Hard criticism of Ricardo Ciciliano to Acolfutpro and to the announcement of unemployment – International Football – Sports

Strong statements were made by former Colombian soccer player Ricardo Ciciliano, who criticized the Footballers Association and the announcement of the players’ strike. “This cessation of activities (strike) of Footballers is only to generate publicity, it is to give a face on television that representative of the footballers’ association arguing that the players entered in … Read more

Ricardo Ciciliano letter to Acolfutpro

The professional footballers guild in Colombia announced an indefinite strike as of November 3, with which the Clausura tournament will be suspended in case there is no prior agreement with the national football directives. “The footballers will not appear to play the matches scheduled by the Dimayor as of that date and until the negotiation … Read more