A famous acquaintance explodes due to the attitude of Kiko Rivera to air her family problems on a set

Carmen Lomana is one of the well-known faces that, with her presence, has supported the last premiere at the Teatro Real, “Rusalka”. The socialite became the best dressed of the night in an elegant white satin dress combined with long gloves in the same tone, a sophisticated brown leather bolero and camel boots. Very aware … Read more

Crowds at test street in Goes: ‘A son of my acquaintance was at that party’

The ICs are virtually empty, but the number of reported corona infections has been rising for the past few days. Several people were infected in a café in Hillegom, at a GP post in Nieuw Vennep and at a restaurant in Wanneperveen. The number of cases is also rising rapidly in Goes. Since July 1, … Read more

Valters Pūce remembers awkward acquaintance with his fiancé – Celebrities

Walter has watched his future spouse in a once popular music club. The room was crowded with cigarette smoke, but through them the musician noticed Ilva’s profile and hurried to get acquainted. True, this moment in the memories of both forever will remain marked by a comic mood – in an attempt to attract the … Read more