“I had ‘broken heart syndrome’ and now I can’t watch action movies anymore: is that normal?”- Corriere.it

Is it normal for people affected by Takotsubo to have a strong sensitivity to adrenaline even when the echocardiographic situation has been normal for several months? For example, I still have a hard time watching action movies. He answers Paolo Mario Ravagnanihead of the Cardiovascular Outpatient Clinic, Monzino IRCCS Cardiological Center, Milan (VAI AL FORUM) … Read more

A bailiff tries to raise a picket in front of Delhaize in Verviers: the action will continue this Saturday

Since the decision, announced at the beginning of March, of the management of Delhaize to want to franchise 128 supermarkets, including those of Verviers and Heusy, the discontent has not weakened among the staff. This Friday, a picket again took place in front of the store on Boulevard des Gérardchamps. Around 2 p.m., those present … Read more

Index – Economy – A natural gas bomb may explode in Europe, the government has already taken action against it

A napi.hu explained by Bloomberg analysis, in which they wrote that it is necessary to start preparing for the next winter, which may be even more difficult than the current one. As it was written, the saturation of European gas reservoirs is currently (due to this year’s mild winter) higher than usual at this time. … Read more

“Desert” action Atlas Fallen from the developers of The Surge will not be released on May 16 – the release was postponed to August 10

Developers from the studio Deck13 announced the transfer of their action in the open world Atlas Fallen. The project will be released not on May 16, as expected until today, but on August 10. The authors themselves referred to the banal desire to do everything in the best possible way and bring individual mechanics to … Read more

The new zombie-themed work “Ed-0: Zombie Uprising” set on the stage of Edo, Japan announced the release date, and the new promotional video released “Ed-0: Zombie Uprising” – Bahamut

“Ed-0: Zombie Riot (tentative translation, original title:Ed-0: Zombie Uprising)” will be out of early access. The publisher D3 PUBLISHER announced that this action game created by the independent game team LANCARSE is scheduled to launch the official version on July 13, and it will be confirmed to be on the PS5 and Xbox Series S|X … Read more

[리뷰]Brilliant action, witty lines…’1 hit killer’ Jeon Do-yeon’s ‘Gil Bok-soon’

movie Gil Bok-soon (Jeon Do-yeon) is a legendary killer who boasts a 100% mission success rate. Provided by Netflix. “To die a natural death, you must have lived a good life.” movie Begins with a scene where Gil Bok-soon (Jeon Do-yeon) commits a contract murder. Boksoon is a legendary killer who boasts a 100% mission … Read more

[Trial]The difference between the early experience of “Devil Hunter: Battle of the Pinnacle” authorized by Capcom and the version two years ago- Bahamut

Authorized by Capcom and developed by Nebula Joy, “Demon Hunter: Apex Battle“, I believe that many players are very curious about this game, can it really play endless combos like console games? This time the author has obtained the qualification for the early test, let us see how the battle of the peak is going. … Read more

Ko0416: I can do both FPS and action adventure! Just like AMD Ryzen 7000 series processor Feat. “Crouching Dragon: Heaven Falls” | 4Gamers

Ko0416 Gao Zhifeng, if you are a PUBG player, you must be familiar with him. Although he is from Hong Kong, but because he is fluent in Mandarin, he will be called a native of Keelung, Taipei. As a full-time host. Speaking of the time spent fighting around, Ko mentioned the TWITCH BROADCASTER ROYALE live … Read more

Bravura action of the Ukrainians. “The goal was behind their backs”

“In January, special units of the Ukrainian military intelligence crossed over to the Russian-controlled bank of the Dnieper River and attacked the enemy forces. When the soldiers stormed, the Ukrainian intelligence, however, pursued a completely different goal. – We were preparing for these 10 minutes of fighting for two months, but they were a cover … Read more

Lidl, Aldi, Action and Kruidvat stunt with 10 cheap gadgets

Fly like Epke Zonderland. (Image: ANP/Robin van Lonkhuijsen) New Lidl, Aldi, Kruidvat and Action offers Are you looking for gadgets, but don’t want to spend too much? Then you will be served at your beck and call at Aldi, Lidl, Action and Kruidvat. Unfortunately, you probably don’t have the time to go through all the … Read more