The action dungeon adventure game “Nigate Tale” meets the monster girl Baru and Muke “Nigate Tale” – Bahamut

The action dungeon adventure game “Nigate Tale” (tentative translation, original name: Nigate Tale), which is currently on the Steam platform, has been updated to version 0.4 today, from the comprehensive renovation of the castle scene to the comprehensive upgrade of the level, as well as weapon modification, the mark of the monster girl, etc. and … Read more

The decline of bitcoin triggered a decline in the action of cryptographic societies and apocalyptic predictions of market analysts

On Monday, the first kryptomna fell to a minimum of lta 2021 (32 900 USD) and was 50% off the November high of 69,000 USD). Against the background of the land digital assets instantly and sharply lost in price so the securities crypto company. Current decline BTC appeared to be the second largest after July … Read more

Six-figure salaries, cascading resignations… Fierce war for talent in consulting firms

INVESTIGATION – In full recovery, management and strategy consulting firms are lacking employees. Consultants, tired and highly courted, are leaving the sector earlier and earlier. Never had activity been so sustained in strategy and management consulting firms. In less than a year, the sector has already managed to erase the stigma of the start of … Read more

the secrets of the “Merlot” project

INFO LE FIGARO – The Lazard bank is trying to convince investment funds to finance the takeover of “Sauvignon” on “Pinot” to create a leader in distribution. The key is the promise of nearly 1.2 billion euros in synergies. Is it possible, by assembling pinot and sauvignon, to obtain merlot? Whether in Burgundy or Bordeaux, … Read more

40 minutes of GRID Legends story mode with racing and live action cutscenes

Developers Codemasters and Electronic Arts have released a 40-minute gameplay trailer for the racing game GRID Legends, dedicated to the Driven to Glory story mode. In the presented video, shots with races on expensive cars are interspersed with cinematic inserts with live actors. Image Source: Steam GRID Legends will tell the story of an up-and-coming … Read more

Political scientist: Russia does not like the independent action of the Baltic states

Russia is not pleased with the independent action of the Baltic states in sending the anti-aircraft missile system “Stinger”, as well as the anti-tank missile system “Javelin” to strengthen Ukraine’s self-defense capabilities, the political scientist Ojārs Skudra assesses the situation. Skudra reminded that after Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov’s talks with US Secretary of State … Read more

Czechs in action, January 23 – Davidová and Jislová go to a mass start and the men of the relay. Mareček fights for another medal at OMEJ

Czechs in action, January 23 – Davidová and Jislová go to a mass start and the men of the relay. Mareček fights for another medal at OMEJ January 23, 2022 The last races before the Olympics await biathletes at the World Cup in Anterselva, Italy. At the same time, the European Junior Championships in Pokljuka … Read more

The action movie “Broken Gold” is launched, starring Wu Yue

Directed by Liu Zhangmu, written by Liu Yi, starring Wu Yue, starring Luo Yan, Liu Junxiao, Wei Qing, and Xia Minghao, He Xun, Ma Yi and others co-starring the action movie “Broken Gold” is exclusively launched on Tencent Video today . This fraternal and bloody movie, carefully polished by the core team of “Wolf Warriors”, … Read more

Serious Sam Siberian Mayhem prepares us for its frenetic action in an extensive gameplay video

The standalone expansion for Serious Sam 4 takes us deep into the heart of Russia in search of General Brand. Sam Stone came back with old school action and its massive battles in the fourth installment of the serie Serious Sam. Explosions, shootings and a lot of humor have been a hallmark of this classic … Read more

Photo: Thousands of Buddhist Monks Protest Alleged Religious Discrimination in South Korea

Jogye-jong, South Korea’s largest Buddhist sect, demonstrates at Jogye Temple, Seoul, South Korea, on January 21, 2022. As many as 5,000 monks and Buddhists gather to protest alleged religious discrimination by the government of South Korean President Moon Jae-in. ©Anthony Wallace/AFP