Blizzard Activates Free Character Transfers in Overcrowded Realms | News, Shadowlands

With the release of Shadowlands, a large number of players have left Azeroth for the other world, dramatically increasing the player population in all realms. For a small number of realms, the demand has been overwhelming and we’ve been working around the clock to troubleshoot those realms and make the game available to the maximum … Read more

The Essen-based marketing service provider meta4kon activates a new website.

Meta4kon, the marketing service provider based in Essen, has now activated the new website under the motto “Intelligent Marketing Services from a Single Source”. meta4kon, equipped with over 20 years of experience and know-how, develops and implements intelligent communication measures from a single source as a full-service agency. Whether direct marketing, POS campaigns, packs or … Read more

Washington Football Team activates health protocols after a player positive for COVID

There is a maximum alert in the capital of the United States due to the coronavirus. Through a press release, The Washington Football Team has reported that they entered into intensive security protocols after finding a positive case of COVID-19 in the organization. “Last night we learned that a Washington player tested positive for COVID-19. … Read more

The translation of Safari could soon reach Spain, Apple activates it in Brazil and Germany [Actualizado]

With the introduction of iOS 14 Apple introduced an interesting function in Safari: the real-time translation of the pages. This translation, so far, was only available in the United States, but it seems that international expansion is starting.

We have been able to verify that translation, both from English to Spanish and vice versa, is being activated in some users in Spain.

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Calviño activates digital certificates from home due to risk of confinement

The second wave of the pandemic is out of control and, although the Government is avoiding to pronounce forcefully on the matter, the threat of a new confinement to stop the contagion is so real that it is beginning to be reflected in ministerial decisions on apparently minor matters, but of great relevance for the … Read more

Paracetamol activates inflammation-inducing proteins in coronavirus

It was the statements of the French Minister of Health at the beginning of the pandemic about the possible relationship between the exacerbation of this infection with ibuprofen that raised the alarm (Shutterstock) Paracetamol activates 11 of 13 proteins that have a significant disruption in the immune system and cause severe inflammation in adult respiratory … Read more

Ethereum Classic activates 51% anti-attack protocol devised by Vitalik Buterin

As a mechanism to counter 51% attacks, Ethereum Classic is implementing a new security solution identified as “Modified Exponential Subjective Score” (Modified Exponential Subjective Scoring o MESS). As reported by the Ethereum Classic team, MESS is an adaptation of the “Exponential Subjective Scoring” security framework, proposed by Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin in 2014. It’s designed … Read more

Alberto activates the Buenos Aires PJ after Larreta’s incursion through the suburbs

In Escobar, Alberto sent a message of support to Ricardo Lorenzetti, a Supreme Court judge who suffered an escrache at his home in Rafaela, Santa Fe province, with a view to the resolution that the highest court must take on the transfer of the judges Pablo Bertuzzi and Leopoldo Bruglia. However, the President’s signal to … Read more

UCV School of Medicine activates line to advise on covid-19

They seek to provide information and guidance to the population that suspects a coronavirus infection. To provide accurate information on covid-19, different doctors graduated from the Central University of Venezuela (UCV) joined in an initiative of the faculty called “SOS Call.” Through a free hotline they provide individual advice on the symptoms of covid-19 and … Read more