Leaked secret code for activating 10GB Telkomsel internet quota for only Rp.10, the number is easy to remember, bro!

MOTOR Plus-online.com – It’s leaking secret code make it active internet quota Telkomsel 10 GB is only IDR 10. Bikers must be looking for it internet quota at the time of this pandemic. Really fit, Telkomsel scatter a lot internet quota cheap. To activate it, bikers only need access secret code This, guaranteed internet package … Read more

Jegal Chinese Movement in the South China Sea, the US Starts Activating ‘Sea Chains’ with Missile Strength that Spans from Japan to Indonesia

Sosok.ID – It looks like a plan United States of America (US) to limit space China of South China Sea more visible. The ‘sea chain’ strategy is said to be one way United States of America (US) interrupts military movements China of South China Sea. The US began to activate their “marine litoral regiment” which … Read more