The next Microsoft Surface Pen would have improvements in the activation of “zero force” – Office at MundoInsider

The Redmond folks are exploring a new technology in the Surface Pen that could allow the pen to quickly switch to ink or writing mode using it. The next Microsoft Surface Pen would have “zero force” activation enhancements. This claim is based on a patent application published by WIPO on October 8 and filed by … Read more

Estado Mayor de Salud Covid-19 of Caracas initiates activation of the Polyhedron for patient care

The Executive Vice President of the Republic, Delcy Rodríguez, affirmed that the General Staff of Health for Covid-19 in the Capital City began the pertinent works for the activation of the Polyhedron of Caracas as a center of care for asymptomatic patients. “We made activations of all kinds for the health hotel, we attended to … Read more

Diabetes-damaged organs may recover this Protein

Late damage: Damage to kidneys and lungs are common consequences of Diabetes. Through the control of blood glucose levels you can prevent, but by a targeted activation of DNA repair, such as Heidelberg scientists have found out. Scientists at the University hospital Heidelberg and the German center for diabetes research showed in animal experiments for … Read more