The 76ers actively pursued the CP3 veteran point guard during the off-season and refused to join the Young Suns | NBA | DONGTW News

According to US media reports, veteran point guard Chris Paul was sought after by many teams during the offseason last year. Among them, the team with the most active pursuit of CP3 is actually the Philadelphia 76ers in the Eastern District. They are struggling to pursue CP3 and think they have a strong appeal. However, … Read more

Rizieq Shihab Actively Cecar Prosecutor’s Witness, Attorney at Law: His Knowledge is Better than Lawyers. Page all

JAKARTA, – A member of Rizieq Shihab’s legal team, Aziz Yanuar, gave his opinion about his client who was actively harassing witnesses during a crowd case trial at the East Jakarta District Court, Monday (12/4/2021). In a trial with an agenda of hearing witness testimony, the public prosecutor (JPU) presented 10 witnesses. Also read: … Read more

New records: suspected MH17 crash plane actively discusses Buk complex

Journalists report receiving recordings of thousands of interviews with the suspect Sergei Dubinsky. He spoke on the phone before and after the plane was shot down in July 2014, and the conversations were recorded by the Ukrainian secret services. The Moscow-led Joint Investigator Group (JIT) The Moscow Times confirmed that it also received recordings of … Read more

‘Hackers actively use vulnerabilities in FortiOS’

Hackers actively exploit vulnerabilities in the FortiOS security operating system from business security specialist Fortinet. The American security service FBI and cybersecurity organization CISA state this in a joint letter. According to the warning of the American government organizations FBI and Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), Fortinet’s security operating system FortiOS currently contains various … Read more

Desire to realize their dreams, Chinese disabled skiers are actively preparing for the competition | Chongli | Ski Team | Biathlon | Sina Technology

Original title: Chinese disabled ski athletes who are eager to realize their dreams are actively preparing On March 20th, the Chinese disabled cross-country skiing and biathlon team trained in Chongli, Hebei.China Youth Daily·China Youth Daily reporter Ci Xin/photo In Chongli, Hebei in late March, the pace of spring is not yet approaching. On the morning … Read more

Sarah Everard’s body found in the forest after a week of missing, the police actively charged as the perpetrator

LONDON, – Active police officers indicted for kidnapping and murder Sarah Everard. The 33-year-old woman disappeared on her way home in south London. Sarah Everard’s body was found in a forest in Kent more than a week after she was last seen on March 3. A member of the police on behalf of Wayne … Read more

The UK opens the world’s first human challenge test, 90 healthy volunteers will actively contract the new crown virus

Original title: The UK opens the world’s first human challenge test, 90 healthy volunteers will actively contract the new crown virus    On Wednesday, the UK became the first country in the world to approve a human challenge test. In this trial, volunteers will be deliberately infected with the new coronavirus to advance the research … Read more

Snow in Europe and in March, -20 ° in Greece, half a meter of sleet in Istanbul

Snow covered the beach near Athens. PHOTOS: Reuters The bad weather in Western and Southern Europe may remain active in early spring. Storms are expected to blow from France through Italy to the Balkans, especially in March. This is stated by the AccuWeather weather service in its forecast for the upcoming season. After one of … Read more

To cure her boyfriend softly! Gaocai OL “actively dedicated” physicians ended in miserable 3 years | Novelty | Sanli News Network SETN.COM

Continental Center / Comprehensive Report The Internet generation has developed so that many singles can also get to know the opposite sex through dating software, but the hidden danger behind it should not be careless! In Shanghai, there is a 30-year-old woman surnamed Chen, a senior student in the financial industry. Recently, she met a … Read more

[정치]The ruling and opposition parties, from the start to the end of the hearing, actively refute the allegations of Beomgye Park

[앵커] At the hearing on the candidate for Justice Minister Park Bum-gye, the opposition parties engaged in a fierce battle from start to finish. Candidate Park Bum-gye admitted to the allegations of omission of property reports, and actively refuted all other suspicions. Reporter Baek Jong-gyu reported. [기자] There was no opportunity for Candidate Bum-gye Park … Read more