Pope Francis, the meeting with young economists and activists in Assisi: “The earth is burning, we cannot wait: let’s change”

“L’pollution that kills is not only that of carbon dioxide, also the inequality it deadly pollutes our planet ”. She said it Pope francesco ad Assisiduring the event Economy of Francesco in which he met several young economists, entrepreneurs and activists from all over the world. The protagonist of Bergoglio’s speech is an economy that … Read more

Activists Panic Seeing Progress in HIV/AIDS Cases, Ask Karawang Regency Government to Make Pre-Marriage Regulations

WARTAKOTALIVE.COM, KARAWANG – The government of Karawang Regency, West Java was asked to make rules so that HIV/AIDS testing is mandatory for couples who want to get married or pre-wedding. The reason, this step was taken to prevent the spread of HIV / AIDS which is increasing in number in Karawang. Activist for the prevention … Read more

Adian Napitupulu Forbids AHY from Talking, NU Leader: Says 98 Activists, Why His Brain Becomes Authoritarian

FAJAR.CO.ID, JAKARTA — Nahdlatul Ulama (NU) figure Umar Hasibuan highlighted the polemic between PDI-P politicians and the General Chair of the Democratic Party Agus Harimurti Yudhoyono (AHY). It is known that AHY satirized the government and made the member of the DPR RI the PDIP faction furious and ordered AHY not to speak. Gus Umar, … Read more

ENVIRONMENT: Green activists in Russian pay

Sometimes someone suspects that the activities of green activists are being recorded by Russia and China and whether they are being paid by them. So far, however, everything has only moved on the level of speculation without any strong evidence. But now these claims can be substantiated. Until now, suspicions about the possible funding of … Read more

Vegan activists destroyed several hundred tires on milk vans in the UK

Last week, hundreds of truck tires and trailers at several dairies in England were destroyed by a group of vegan activists who threaten Britain’s milk supplies. – Animal Rebellion has disrupted yet another dairy, this time in Hatfield. This is the fifth day of action and the seventh dairy has been closed, the action group … Read more

Activists are already deflating car tires in the Czech Republic

An international group of climate activists, which calls itself Tire Extinguishers (literally translated as “Tire Fire Extinguishers”), can also be seen in the Czech Republic. According to the organization’s website, the tires of 29 SUVs were deflated in Brno on the night of September 6-7. At the same time, they “worked” in a number of … Read more

Two LGBT activists sentenced to death in Iran

NOS News•Thursday, 13:02•Amended Thursday, 16:52 Two Iranians have been sentenced to death for “spreading corruption” and smuggling people. This is reported by the Iranian state news agency IRNA. Human rights groups say the two women have been convicted of their LGBTI activism. One of those convicted is 31-year-old Zahra Sedighi-Hamadani, an LGBT activist who was … Read more

Greenpeace protest against the gas fair: activists relieved of weight

Protest by Greenpeace activists in front of the pavilions of the Fair on the morning of Monday 5. The members of the environmental movement contested the inauguration of Gastech, the most important global meeting of gas, LNG and hydrogen companies, displaying signs and raising in I fly a hot air balloon. There were some moments … Read more

This is the new fashion in the fight against SUVs. Activists nelenia – Magazine – Auto

For several years now, we have witnessed the fight of climate activists against SUVs. They recently came up with a new “weapon”. Sport utility vehicle tire deflation is spreading across Europe at lightning speed. Foto: The Tyre Extinguishers The fight against SUVs – deflating tires The new fad in the fight against SUVs is deflating … Read more

Climate, latest generation protest in the Gallerie dell’Accademia in Venice: activists stick their hands on Giorgione’s Tempest

This morning, Sunday 4 September, in Galleries of the Academy of Venice two young people of the movement Last generation have expressed their request to act, urgently, to stop the climate disaster gluing their hands to the frame of the sixteenth-century painting The Tempest by Giorgione. “With the civil disobedience action at the Gallerie dell’Accademia, … Read more