Anna Mucha parked the cars and went to the pub. The actress without makeup was eating ice cubes

The first day of spring is behind us. Anna Mucha has already felt the summer weather. So much so that when she went to the pub, she decided to cool down with ice cubes. On that day, the actress gave up makeup. Anna Mucha has proven many times that she is a real enthusiast of … Read more

A famous actress was arrested after she walked the streets without clothes

American actress Amanda Bynes has been placed in psychiatric custody after she was found wandering the streets naked and alone. TMZ reported, citing an eyewitness, that Bynes was walking near downtown Los Angeles early Sunday morning without any clothes on. Baines is then said to have stopped a car, telling the driver that she was … Read more

“Terrible Hybrid Treatment”… Queen Dong-joo, tears while confessing to mixed race discrimination (Attack’s Sisters)

SNS star ‘Queen Dong-ju’ Han Dong-joo, who boasts over 1 million views in ‘Attack Sisters-Worrying Cut Salon’, scrambled.On the 21st, ‘Attack on Sisters (Co-produced by Media S and SK Broadband)’, SNS star Han Dong-joo showed off a colorful and powerful dance and heated up the atmosphere in the salon. Han Dong-joo, who showed off his … Read more

‘Woongnam’ Park Seong-gwang “With Kang Joo-eun, the filming with Choi Min-soo can proceed smoothly” [인터뷰M]

I met Park Seong-gwang, who challenged himself as a commercial film director for the first time with the film ‘Woongnam’, a film with a novel setting about twin bears who became human after eating mugwort and garlic for 100 days based on the Dangun myth. Park Seong-gwang, who achieved success as a comedian, majored in … Read more

The Last of Us 2: Bella Ramsey reveals when the second season would premiere on HBO | DEPOR-PLAY

The Serie The Last of Us It has been a complete success, to the point that HBO has already announced that there will be a second season. Pedro Pascar and Bella Ransey will once again play the two main characters in the story, Joel and Ellie. It is not yet known who will be the … Read more

Mónica Sánchez resigned from Al fondo hay sitio? The actress revealed why she left the series

The Peruvian actress stopped appearing in the last chapters and I do not hesitate to speak on the subject. Does Charito say goodbye to the series? The details in the note. The actress revealed that she is on vacation in Argentina after rumors of her resignation from the series. | Libero composition. Peter’s possible death … Read more

How many times was she married and how many children does the actress from Al fondo hay sitio have?

Mónica Sánchez is one of the most beloved actresses for her character ‘Charito’, in Al fondo hay sitio. She knows here all the little-known details of her private life. The Peruvian actress Mónica Sánchez has known how to keep her private life out of public scrutiny, and she has done so for many years by … Read more