Actress Manjima Mohan and Gautham Karthik got married Cinema | Deshabhimani

Chennai > South Indian film stars Manjima Mohan and Gautham Karthik got married. The wedding was held at a resort in Chennai in the presence of close relatives and friends. Manjima, daughter of cinematographer Vipin Mohan and Kalamandalam Girija, debuted as the heroine with a northern selfie. He was noted as a child actor. Gautham … Read more

The British actress who broke up with her boyfriend due to the epidemic reluctantly took away the crystallization of their love | Entertainment | CTWANT

DJ RayRay recently released his first album “Unearthy World”, and will hold his first concert on December 3rd. In the new album, RayRay invites ØZI and other musicians to co-produce, inviting everyone to enter her inner world, and at the same time generously and publicly ending the lovelorn mood of British DJ boyfriend Curbi. RayRay … Read more

Inspired by Faye Wong to act, Japanese god-level actress: You must know “First Love First Love” Hikari Manshima- A Day Magazine

Recently, my friends are frantically discussing Netflix’s Japanese drama “First Love”, which is inspired by two divine songs by Utada Hikaru – “First Love” released in 1999 and “First Love” in 2018, especially “First Love” seems to be There is a power that transcends time and space, evoking everyone’s sour and beautiful first love that … Read more

Gina Romand is in delicate health and they ask to pray for the actress

Actress Gina Romand is hospitalized. Photo: Darkroom gabriel varelason of the actress Gina Romand, asked for prayers for his mother who is in serious health. Through her account Twitter reported that they are “debating between life and death.” In the message that the producer also posted, he assures that his mother’s state of health is … Read more

Get to know Perth Weerinsara, the rising star actress The owner of a heart-melting smile

For Perth, she is the new heroine of Channel One. Born on February 19, 2003, currently 19 years old, living in Bangkok. Perth graduated from grade 1 to grade 5 at Assumption Convent School. and graduated from Mattayom 6 at Assumption Suksa School The new heroine, Perth Weerinsara Tangkitsuvanich Currently referred to as a bachelor’s … Read more

The (un)healthy habits of actress Charlotte Vandermeersch. “I like to eat. That used to give me a lot of stress” | Nina

For her film ‘The Eight Mountains’, which she directed together with her husband Felix van Groeningen, Charlotte Vandermeersch (38) lived with her family in the Italian Alps for two years. She talks to journalist Roxanne Wellens about the search for balance: with her body, her motherhood and with her husband. “Felix and I are demanding … Read more

An actress admitted that she got drunk like a Don Cossack to film a love scene with Leo DiCaprio

© Actress Margot Robbie talked about a curious moment related to Leonardo DiCaprio. The two starred in “The Wolf of Wall Street” in 2013, which became a real hit in Hollywood. During an event of the British Academy of Film Arts – Margot Robbie said that she had to drink a serious amount of alcohol … Read more

The actor of “Wielka Woda” about Julia Wieniawa: “a celebrity, not an actress”

When asked if he is not frustrated that sometimes celebrities earn more than recognized and educated actors, he denied and admitted that he himself did not intend to complain or envy Julia Wieniawa’s earnings. However, he stated that he did not consider her an actress.

Watch.. Egyptian actress Hind Akef cries on air and reveals details of her attempt to expel her from the Cairo Film Festival

Al-Marsad Newspaper: Egyptian actress Hind Akef revealed the details of her attempt to expel her at the opening ceremony of the 44th Cairo International Film Festival. And she said in an interview with her on the “Nass al-Kalam” program, that the crisis of not obtaining an invitation was due to the response of the artist … Read more

Katherine Heigl turns 44. From a child star to a “difficult” actress

When Katherine Heigl landed on Grey’s Anatomy, she had no idea she would become a star. For six seasons, she played Dr. Izzie Stevens, until she suddenly quit, explaining her decision to start a family. She was unofficially fired by hitmaker Shonda Rhimes. She reportedly became furious when Heigl said in one of the interviews … Read more