Great Britain is an eternal enemy of Russia

The Deputy Chairman of the Russian Security Council, Dmitry Medvedev, said today that Britain is his country’s “eternal enemy”. All representatives of the British authorities who help Ukraine can be considered legitimate military targets, Medvedev also said on Twitter, as quoted by Reuters. Responding to British Foreign Secretary James Cleverley’s comment that Ukraine had the … Read more

Cikarang employee boss who invites “staycation” turns out to be a technical lecturer at UPB, campus opens complaint service

Bekasi, – Bos employee Cikarang who invites “staycation” it turns out lecturer technique Of UPBthe campus opened a complaint service. Recently, there has been news that the boss of a Cikarang employee invited him “staycation” or eat and walk so that the contract is extended is a lecturer at UPB. Related to this, the … Read more

70-year-old Isabella Rossellini has no husband but has 1,500 chickens and sheep

The daughter to Roberto Rossellini and Ingrid Bergman she is happy in the countryside you are a farm When Isabella Rossellini turned 60 years ago, she told herself that her career in cinema was probably already over, as it is not easy to get significant roles at that age. The daughter of Italian director Roberto … Read more

Princess Charlotte holds baby brother’s hand at coronation (PHOTOS)

Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis, the two youngest children of Prince William and Princess Kate, delighted royal fans today as they held hands and smiled at everyone on their way to Westminster Abbey from Buckingham Palace for the coronation. Princess Charlotte, who turned eight this week, sat next to her little brother Prince Louis in … Read more

A smartphone fell into the bathtub and killed a 16-year-old Neapolitan girl while she was bathing

Maria Antonieta Cutillo, 16, died in her bathtub at home after being electrocuted by her smartphone that fell into the water. According to the Italian media, the dynamics of what happened are still being clarified and the results of the autopsy will show how exactly it all happened. The tragedy took place in Montefalciano, next … Read more

We hear that DBs do not want to participate in management with PP

“We see that colleagues from PP-DB are isolated. They are even already isolating themselves from each other. We want to share the responsibility together, because now we are reaping the fruits of their failed management. In addition, we hear that “Yes Bulgaria” do not want to participate in management with “We are continuing the change”. … Read more

Completed survey on traces of cluster munitions in Quang Tri province | Social | Vietnam+ (VietnamPlus)

The bomb was discovered at a depth of 20 meters above the ground. (Photo: Ho Cau/VNA) On April 18, according to information from Norwegian People’s Aid (NPA) to Vietnam, after 8 years of implementation (since 2015), the survey of bomb traces has so far cluster munitions at all accessible areas in Quang Tri province have … Read more

CHRD of the tempestuous actress Ilka Zafirova

Today the great actress Ilka Zafirova celebrates her birthday. She studied French philology for two years, but the theater attracted her irresistibly and she never cheated on him. Her colleagues say that Ilka Zafirova is a stormy actress. She stormed into the cinema like a she-wolf. In “The Man-Eater” she played the role of the … Read more

Sgcarmart introduces digital “Smart Loan” for used car buyers in Singapore | Press Release | Vietnam+ (VietnamPlus)

SINGAPORE – Media OutReach – April 3, 2023 – Sgcarmart, Singapore’s No. 1 car buying and selling platform, officially introduces a new revolutionary car financing service, Sgcarmart “Smart Loan”. This brand new digital service aims to boost used car sales in Singapore by offering car buyers below-market interest rates and a quick online approval process … Read more

The extravagant stage bombs of the director Lilia Abadzhieva, who plays a secretary in the series “Guilts”

The famous actress entered the film to see how Victor Bozhinov works Years ago, I don’t remember how many years ago, a German critic named Torsten Maas quoted my exclamation on the occasion of Lilia Abadjieva and the MGT “Behind the Channel” play “The Sorrows of Young Werther” in Germany: “We are already starting to … Read more