Must-learn ultra-practical Windows text input skills – Computer King Ada

Whether you are a student or an office worker, whether you are chatting or writing papers or reports, text input is an inseparable part of your daily life when using a computer. In this case, text input should be as simple and efficient as possible to reduce your working hours. There are a large number … Read more

“No Man’s Sky” Mac & VR version expected?The developer and the producer teamed up to hint – Computer King Ada

In the past few years, Apple has gained a lot of good reputation by switching the Mac series to the self-made processor M1 and other processors. Many people want to know whether the Mac platform, which is relatively scarce in games, can use the wind of its own excellent processor to revitalize the Mac game … Read more

The host of “Elden’s Circle of Law” created a controller that can use brain waves to operate – Computer King Ada

It has been more than a year since the open world soul-based game “Elden’s Circle” created by FromSoftware was launched, but it still enjoys a high popularity and discussion among players. Although the game itself is as challenging as FromSoftware’s past works, many players still come up with various creative ways to further enhance the … Read more

iPhone Hidden Video App: Movies, Dramas, Anime, Variety Shows, Watch Online Free Without Ads! – Computer King Ada

The “Minion Movies and TV” camouflage app introduced before has been unavailable for a while, but today I will share with you a hidden video app for iPhone! This app is currently not only free to watch online without ads, but also can watch movies, dramas, animations, variety shows, documentaries and other film and television … Read more

in front of the DPP Building Ada Gede

Jakarta, – Deputy Chairman of the Prosperous Justice Party (PKS) Syuro Council, Hidayat Nur Wahid, refuted the statement by PDIP politician Masinton Pasaribu who alluded to PKS’ refusal to put up Anies Baswedan’s poster. Strictly speaking, the Deputy Chairperson of the MPR RI emphasized that his party had put up jumbo-sized posters of Anies … Read more

【Star Dome Railway】🚀 Mengxin Elementary School[模擬宇宙全攻略]▸World 3~World 6 (Difficulty 1) Civilian team formation ideas? Star God’s Destiny & Strange Item Recommendation! Can’t beat the dark SL Dafa that wants to start again? The skill tree & illustration book must be fully opened! ▹Lulolo◃ – Computer King Ada

hello hello! I’m a virtual Youtuber, Lu Luoluo. This video will introduce the gameplay of the simulated universe in “Honkai: Interstellar Railway” and the strategy ideas for the simulated world 3~6 difficulty 1. I don’t know where everyone’s strategies for the simulated world are now. ? Although it may seem difficult at first, the simulated … Read more

Handheld Control Panel is an ultra-powerful “control center software” specially designed for handhelds, which can easily and instantly adjust power supply, fan, clock and create configuration files (with video) – Computer King Ada

Nowadays, more and more handheld game consoles use the Windows operating system, which also means that there are many changes in the software. Recently, foreign developers have created this “Handheld Control Panel”, which is known as the most powerful game console. Large and best-used control center software, players can easily use the controller on the … Read more

PlayStation executives think that if the game market is flooded with a large number of “service games”, it will be a very boring thing – Computer King Ada

Just in the past few years, more and more game developers will adopt the so-called “Games-As-A-Service” (Games-As-A-Service) or “Service Game” (Live Service) business model, which means spending many years Constantly update the same game, continue to bring new game content to players, so as to increase the stickiness of the game itself, rather than developing … Read more

“Mario”-related videos were released on YouTube with more than 100 billion views and the highest number of hits in the single country- Computer King Ada

When it comes to Mario, many people will think of the distinctive character of the plumber wearing a red hat. As a popular IP, “Mario” has also written related videos on YouTube with more than 100 billion views. Information such as the single country with the highest number of hits is released. “Mario”-related videos were … Read more

“Quick Fighting Whirlwind 6” the highest level AI computer is too strong, even professional players have been miserably shocked – Computer King Ada

Capcom’s latest sequel to the classic fighting game “Fighting Whirlwind 6”, which has been missing for many years, will finally be officially released this year. An experience version has been launched for the game, allowing players to familiarize themselves with the feel of the latest sequel in advance. However, they soon began to realize that … Read more