Excuses for the sake of family, Rully is adamant about suing his mother so that inheritance is shared

KOMPAS.com – Rully Wijayanto (32) sued his biological mother, Praya Tinangsih (52), a resident of Kekere Neighborhood, Semayan Village, Central Lombok, NTB related to the inheritance of the father. The inheritance being challenged is the 4.2 acre land on which stands the house where Rully was raised by his parents. The incident began when his … Read more

Temptation, Elijah is adamant: bitter ending for Pietro. Andrea forgives Anna

Final bet for Temptation Island, which again this year, under the guidance of Filippo Bisciglia, it gave emotions and twists. Among the couples who reached the end of the course: Antonella and Pietro, Manila and Lorenzo and Anna and Andrea. In the 21 days that remained separate, they were able to observe and listen to … Read more