Adamari López admits that she has never been able to regain her figure and that she lives in constant weight gain and loss

Adamari Lopez She admits that after having defeated breast cancer she has lived a tough fight to regain her figure, and since then she has not managed to regain the weight she had before. This fact has made her the target of much criticism from a severe public, which tends to constantly attack her not … Read more

It was stated: Adamari López sang and dedicated this song to Luis Fonsi and he reacted like this

Adamari López and Luis Fonsi formed a beautiful couple until the insecurity of both parties came from the hand of breast cancer that the Puerto Rican went through November 17, 2020 · 17:16 hs Adamari López and Luis Fonsi They started a beautiful love relationship worthy of a fairy tale that led them to announce … Read more

Adamari López shows the scar left after breast cancer

In June 2005, the actress -who was with Luis Fonsi- at ​​that time- was operated on in a Miami hospital. November 17, 2020 18:56 hs Adamari Lopez has had a tough battle against him breast cancer. He was diagnosed in 2005, in full success of his acting career and at a very good time in … Read more

Adamari López remembers the day she was diagnosed with breast cancer: I had just gotten engaged to my boyfriend | Celebs | United States | USA | USA nnda nnlt | PEOPLE

Adamari Lopez She was 30 years old when she was summoned to be part of the main cast of the telenovela “Amigas y rivales” in 2001. From that moment, the actress achieved great popularity in Mexico, so her great talent managed to captivate a large number of fans who have closely followed her acting career … Read more

We have a winner: the daughters of Adamari and Luis Fonsi are measured in beauty, style and sympathy

Alaia and Mikaela, current daughters of the former famous couple, prove to be worthy heirs of their parents’ talent and with their particular beauty they fight among the favorite of Internet users. November 13, 2020 · 17:24 hs Puerto Ricans Adamari Lopez Y Luis Fonsi they are a sign that love is not forever, unless … Read more

Adamari López wore an impressive outfit, but this detail caused disappointment

Adamari Lopez is part of a weight management and wellness program for which Oprah Winfrey named her an ambassador. Many questioned his effort to reduce sizes after seeing this photograph. 08 of November 2020 · 17:09 hs Adamari Lopez She is often the victim of unfair comments that only reflect a critical part of her … Read more

Adamari López shows the size of her friends with a red dress

Adamari López is one of the viewers’ favorite conductors, with her great personality she has won the hearts of many and now she surprises them with this photograph 04 of November 2020 · 16:16 hs Adamari Lopez has proven to be very persistent, and life fit next to her husband Toni Costa it’s bearing fruit, … Read more

Emotion: on the most special day, Adamari López surprised in this way

On the show, the hosts left a tribute to a loved one who is in heaven and Adamari Lopez showed how the process was. The driver was encouraged to celebrate the Day of the Dead in the program A New Day and commemorating his mother, Vidalina Torres. Remember that Lpez commented how I learned to … Read more

Adamari Lopez shows off her great body in a black swimsuit with cut out details

In recent months, people have been confined to their homes or their city due to Covid-19 coronavitus pandemic. Social distancing and quarantine have become common in the vocabulary and many already show signs of tiredness, among these are Adamari Lopez who, along with his family, decided to go to the beach. The host of the … Read more