“We had to cheat a bit”: Diana Golden recounted the ordeal she lived through, in order to divorce Alfredo Adame

MEXICO.- In recent days, the actress Diana Golden has shared details of his relationship with Alfredo AdameAlthough their marriage was short lived, the divorce was longer and more difficult than she would have liked. The Colombian has shared that the actor is an aggressive man, that he is always armed and that he has problems … Read more

Andrea Legarreta EXPLODES and sends a STRONG message to Alfredo Adame: VIDEO

Andrea Legarreta has slowly resumed his daily activities after his reappearance in the Today Program, a couple of weeks ago, after having defeated the Covid-19. Legarreta has shown great improvement, and although she is not yet one hundred percent, she has shown her best face in front of all viewers on the program. Related news … Read more

Alfredo Adame and Carlos Trejo agree new date for live fight

Alfredo Adame and Carlos Trejo They are back in the eye of the hurricane after reliving the fight that had been pending. It may interest you In full live broadcast of the program SNSerio, the former host of the program Today and the ghostbuster argued again, some insults were said and They agreed a new … Read more