Cancer in times of coronavirus “The Covid has not stopped cancer treatments; they have been individualized and adapted to each person”

Just over three years ago Marta was given one of the worst news you can receive. She was pregnant and was diagnosed with breast cancer. There began, both for her and for those around her, a tough battle that was then even more troubled just a few months later, after the birth of her daughter, … Read more

The books most adapted to the cinema …

It is estimated that more than half of the films are based on book adaptations. Naturally great classics and very popular works have been brought to the big screen on several occasions. One of them is Emma, the novel of Jane Austen, moving into British high society 19th century. Its protagonist is a woman who … Read more

The music continues to play in the Ataúlfo Argenta, fully adapted to the new sanitary protocols

Municipal Conservatory Ataúlfo Argenta The Councilor for Education, Noemí Méndez, has congratulated both the teaching team of the Municipal Conservatory and its students for their great capacity to adapt and their tenacity in dealing with covid-19 without giving up their dreams The music and classes at the Ataúlfo Argenta Municipal Conservatory will continue their usual … Read more

“We have scenarios which are ready and which will have to be adapted”

Samuel Péreau, President of the Football League The confinement imposed since Friday impacts local sport, especially football. These three weeks without activities force the League to update an already busy schedule which also includes the catching up of competitions from last season. A new confinement decreed, is there no doubt, three weeks behind an already … Read more

COSLADA / Ricardo III: a classic adapted to the present in the Municipal Theater

-Advertising- It will be next Saturday, November 7 COSLADA / NOVEMBER 3, 2020 / Next Saturday, November 7, the doors of the Municipal Theater will open to host the play ‘Richard III’, of the company ‘El Pavón. Kamikaze Theater ‘. -Advertising- Richard III Richard III It is a function full of envy, corruption of both … Read more

Allian incorporates Funerals to its portfolio with insurance adapted to the digital society

Allianz has created your new Death insurance adapted to the digital society and that includes coverage, in addition to the traditional ones, such as fingerprint erasure, the tvital and notarial estate o la psychological assistanceto telephone family members after a death. Preventive Insurance act as reinsurance partner and service provider. With the incorporation of the … Read more

They donated adapted diving masks that replace the N95 chinstrap

Ten watertight masks donated the Balseiro de San Carlos de Bariloche Foundation to the Villa Regina Central Clinic, so that healthcare professionals can use this equipment in the care of patients infected with coronavirus. The masks allow replace N95 goggles and chinstraps, when meeting in a single structure the functionality and protection of the two … Read more

GI Joe: Operation Blackout, a new TPS adapted from the cult license announced

License G.I. Joe is indefatigable, and cradles the childhood of many kids since the 60s. As proof that she is still very active, a new film adaptation is planned with the spin-off Snake Eyes in the coming months, and a new video game has just been made official this week by GameMill Entertainment. GI Joe: … Read more

Avengers: The story arcs that deserve to be adapted into a video game – News

Whoever wants is the Holy Trinity of the comic book. The Avengers (or Avengers in French) have long remained in the shadow of Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman. The lines began to shift in 2008 with the thunderous arrival on the big screen of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (or MCU). 12 years and 23 movies … Read more